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These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag

My last blog post showed what I packed for my 2 countries in one week trip last month, and now these are the outfits I created from my carry-on bag.


I also have no problem washing my clothes in a the bathroom sink.
Travel Outfit
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
Changed shoes and added a long sleeve light jacket
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
Wearing sneakers & no jacket as it is very hot here in London
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
Chose a dress to feel cooler & added my light black jacket for dinner out.
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
It finally cooled down and the same jacket went over this sleeveless top and jeans.
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
Added dressier style sandals and my black & white large scarf.
My travel outfit with a different pair of shoes & I’m off to start touring
Off to dinner
A successful shopping, touring and dining day.
These Are The Outfits I Created From My Carry-On Bag
Being caught on the phone, by my husband.
I also have no problem washing my clothes in a the bathroom sink.
Same outfit to travel back home in.

Please don’t judge me, but I see nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice during a vacation. I do change my shoes, so my feet get relief and depending upon the heel height, an outfit can look  dressier or more casual.

I really love spending time walking, sightseeing, being comfortable, not looking like a tourist and never wasting precious time at the luggage carousel praying my suitcase didn’t get lost. I  have no problem washing my clothes in a the bathroom sink, so I can pack less and not come home with a load of laundry to do.

Tip: I use a smaller bag for dressier nights as holder for jewelry or cosmetics when packing. The more you can use something for more than one way, the less you have to pack.

NOTE: There was only one top that I ended up never wearing, as the heat wave was intense and the evenings never got cool.

Now it’s your turn to challenge yourself by packing less and having more to wear.

I Did It Again – 1 Week In A Carry-On Bag

how to pack a carry-on bag

What! You only take a carry-on bag when you travel? How do you travel with just a carry-on bag?

I have been asked these questions over and over again, and have traveled with only a carry-on for many of my trips so I can experience the joy of walking off a plane, bypass luggage claim, and get my vacation or work started immediately.

My client, entrepreneurial women’s coach, Jane Pollak asked me to create outfits for her three-month long Semester At Sea cruise, and blogged about why she asked me to pack her bags and send her on her way with only a duffel bag.

Here is how to pack a carry-on bag for your travels.

Take a look at this post I wrote awhile back, that includes a video showing exactly how I fold my clothes, so I can get more into the suitcase then with typical packing. Hey, I want room for what I buy to bring home from my travels.

I used this method for my daughter who unsuccessfully tried using the rolling technique, to get all of this….

how to pack a carry-on bag

into this carry-on bag.

how to pack a carry-on bag

how to pack a carry-on bag

For my 10 day trip to Sacramento Ca., I took the following:

two dresses
white jeans
Blue denim Bermuda shorts
white shorts
orange/white top
blue/white top
2 blue tops
multi-color top
T-Shirt for hanging out
1 blue and white infinity scarf that can be worn as a shawl or draped scarf
1 pair sneakers for the gym
blue and white sandals
orange sandals
flip-flops for pool and to be my slippers
I also brought along one bathing suit, 2 exercise tops, pair of socks and one capri legging as well as PJ’s, toiletries and lingerie.

I wore the long dress, blue and white sandals along with the scarf for the plane rides.

how to pack a carry-on baghow to pack a carry-on bag

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