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How To Wear Stripes To Look Thinner

Here’s how to wear stripes to look thinner.

How to wear stripes to look thinnerHow to wear stripes to look thinner

Have you ever been told not to wear stripes because they’ll make you look bigger?

That’s not always true.

Look at me in stripes. See how tiny I look?

OK, I look especially tiny because I’m standing against this giant 200 to 300-year-old incredible sycamore tree in Simsbury CT, but there are ways to wear stripes and look smaller without having to stand in front of a giant tree.

One example is when your bottom is wider than your top half.

That’s when you should consider wearing horizontal stripes on top. It’s a great way to trick the eye and make your bottom look more in proportion to your top.

Note: Try not to buy too many stripe tops. They can be addictive and like everything else in life, too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  I’ve seen enough closets to know that’s a fact.

And then she said…..

“Now, I almost never worry about what to wear.  And if I do, I just reach out to Scarlett for advice and she gives me a stress-free solution”. L.E.

How To Look Better In Jeans

Who else has spent hours, days, or years trying to find jeans that fit and flatter?

Let’s face it, finding a pair of jeans that we can get into and zipped, is as frustrating as trying on bathing suits.

Actually, worse because we can sit by the pool not wearing a bathing suit.

We could wear jeans…

and now we’re right back at struggling to find a pair that make our tush and tummy look good.

Today I’m going to share tips on how to look better in jeans & where to find them.

The search began for me decades ago, and as my body, designs, and fabrications have changed, so have the jeans that look good on me and likely you as well.

How To Look Better In JeansHow To Look Better In Jeans

Watch my video below to see why rolling up or shortening
your jeans can be
a thumbs up or down, and so much more.

NOTE: I still love skinny-legged jeans, which is what I’m wearing in the above photos, despite the current trend of more baggy-shaped jeans being pushed on us.
Skinny/narrow styles can make your legs look longer and leaner when worn with longer tops, and if this shape isn’t right for you because it truly isn’t flattering on everyone, try straight-legged jeans.
Straight-legged have a bit more wiggle room, without adding unnecessary width to your body.

Grab all my jean suggestions below.

Here are my current favorite jeans for you to try.

Questions, suggestions, or thank you my butt looks great comments?
Send them my way to Scarlett@ScarlettImage.com.


Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Buttons

Very often you may think that if you can’t close the buttons of your jacket or cardigan, you automatically think it doesn’t fit and so you don’t wear it.

You’re wrong, and I’m telling you that with love.

Note: Going forward, I refer to those as toppers.

Take a look at these two photos of me in my fitted blue topper and see the hourglass shape it gives me when open, which makes me look thinner.

Why You Shouldn't Close Your Buttons

If I chose to only wear it when closed… it looks like I’ve gained weight, had breast enlargement surgery,  and am unable to close it. 😳

Why You Shouldn't Close Your Buttons

Tip: When your topper is loose-fitting, try buttoning one or two buttons in the middle to give you a more defined waistline.

Watch the video below where I talk about the above outfit,  and how it’s possible to use fewer clothes to make more outfits.

Book a call to find out how you can have more outfits with fewer clothes HERE.

Look Thinner In Less Than 15 Seconds

I’m being persuaded to start creating Reels, which are 15-second videos posted on Instagram, and since I’m not camera-shy…why not?

Click on this link to see my very first Reel. You’ll get a tip that improves an outfit in even less than 15 seconds and make you look thinner.

Now it’s your turn to give it a try.

Imagine what you’d learn from me in 30 minutes?

My 3 Most Watched Videos On YouTube


Most Watched Videos On YouTube

The temperature is in the sizzling range for most of the country, so I thought you’d enjoy three of my ‘hottest’ videos on YouTube.

Oh, come on, I mean my most-watched videos on YouTube.



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Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

Fear not…relax and listen instead.

Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?


Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

Recently I was asked to be a guest on the wonderful Amy Schmid’s podcast Fearlessly Facing Fifty. She asked me to share styling tips on how to shop and dress for our ever-changing bodies and mindset.

Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?


So take a listen and please tell me which you liked the best or what tip you’d like me to give you in the near future.

Easy packing. Easy choosing what to wear.
Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

“Yesterday and today I’m on the road meeting with clients and estate attorneys. Before packing I pulled up the photos of all the beautiful outfits you created and it made packing so easy!  Everything coordinated and I felt great.  Many thanks!”

PS. My next newsletter will be my annual My Favorite Things list where I share the products I love for myself and you.



How To Push Your Sleeves Up!

Push Your Sleeves Up

For all the women who have worked with me and/or attended my presentations, you know how much I say… “don’t forget to push your sleeves up.”


Because an outfit looks much, much better when you push your sleeves up.

Before I was known as the stylist who helps women stop stressing about dressing, I wanted to be known as the Push Your Sleeves Up Stylist…that’s how much I love the look of sleeves pushed up.

But sleeves don’t always cooperate, so check out this sleeve saving gadget.

It’s called CuffedUp, and it has me pumped up!

No more sleeves falling down, getting in your food or making short arms look even shorter.

AND you can use it on pants hem too!!!

Men will love CuffedUp too.

When your sleeves are pushed up, your outfit will look considerably more stylish and polished.

Plus it makes you look thinner and taller.

Don’t believe me? Just go in front of a mirror and push one sleeve up and you’ll
see exactly what I mean.

The video below shows how the CuffedUp works.

Use code crew10 for an extra 10% off.


If you think pushing your sleeves up is a great tip,
you’re going to love the ones you’ll get in
Dress Without Stress.

How many more years will you waste not knowing what to wear?



How To Look Thinner

Want to know how to look thinner?

how to look thinner

These leggings by Hold Your Haunches, are fantastic to smooth out the jiggles and hold in the wiggles, look thinner and still be comfortable. Check out their web site for specials and Free Shipping.

Watch the video, above, to see how they work and to hear how a certain part of a woman’s body is described. I’m still laughing.

Wear them with tops long enough to cover the tush and pair with knee-hi boots or flats.


Wear them to the gym and show off how that Zumba class is really talking off those inches.


Do Not wear them to the gym and then to lunch, remember? Read Here.

Want more tips on how to look thinner? Go HERE.

The best compliment I get, is when YOU refer a friend or relative who may be in need of ways to Stop Stressing About Dressing.

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Styling Tip – Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

wardrobe stylist tips


Sometimes it takes a great comedy show to make the point of the hazards of wearing clothes that are too tight.

On an older episode of ABC’s Modern Family, sultry Gloria, played by Sofia Vergara, is in denial that her body is getting bigger as her pregnancy progresses. Until her shirt explodes open and her pants seam splits, she had not accepted that she is no longer the same size as before being pregnant.

The scene was hysterical, but it also pokes fun at those that really no longer are aware that they might be wearing the wrong size. We’ve all been there, but it is important to not go there again.

One of my styling tips is to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight because instead of making a woman look younger and thinner, she actually looks older and heavier.

It’s not about the size. It’s only about the right fit.

Want to get more tips on how to improve your image & look 5 or more pounds thinner? The go here to find out how.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

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