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Tag: How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness

How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness – video

How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness- Video

Close to 90% of my clients hate their upper arms and dread wearing sleeveless tops and formal dresses. Below and in the video above, you can get some of my thoughts and solutions to your right to bare arms.

  1. Look for loosely knitted cotton type fabric shrugs, cardigans, or other pieces that can be worn over sleeveless tops and dresses. The loose weave will make them airy and comfortable in warmer weather. Some department stores have these in their scarf and accessory departments.
  1. Ask sales associates to show you clothes that have short sleeves, and if they don’t, ask to speak to the manager and let him or her know that the selection does not have what you need. Just think about how well how the squeaky wheel theory will work in this instance.
  1. Scour the Internet searching for short sleeve tops and dresses. They are out there despite the fact that the stores might not have them in stock. Ex. Search for the blue dress, short sleeves, V-neck.
  1. Be sure that the sleeves, straps or armholes of your clothes are not too tight. This will avoid your upper body and arms from spilling over and giving the impression that there is more of you in places that actually exist.
  1. Distract yourself and others from your arms by wearing flattering, unusual, and/or whimsical necklaces. Lightly weaved scarves are another way to bring eyes and self-image away from your arms. If the scarf has enough fabric, you could even let it drape on your shoulders as another way to cover up and distract.

Here is an email I received from a new client that needed to update her wardrobe. The total cost for all, was approximately $700.

Hi Scarlett,

I just finished putting all of my new clothes away.  The grand total for today is:
3 pairs of pants
1 casual dress
1 formal dress
22 shirts
3 pairs of shoes
I’d call that a successful day!  Perhaps the most exciting part of the day for me was as I was leaving the store.  I walked past a shirt that caught my eye.  My first reaction was that stinks it’s not in “my” size, meaning the women’s department.  Then I actually paused and thought, no if it looks good on me I can do this shirt.  I was too tired to go back to the fitting room and had too many packages, but that was an entirely new thought process for me.  And next week sometime I will go back and try that shirt on!
So, thank you for your expertise and helping to educate me!”  K.F. Ct.

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How To Hide Upper Arm Flabbiness

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