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Was It The Best Compliment?

How to get a compliment

“OMG, I LOVE your scarf.”

“Ohhhh, what a great necklace.”

“Great shoes.”

If you only get compliments on a part of an outfit, let’s say shoes, scarf or necklace, then there is room for you to improve your entire outfit.

If however, you make the shoes or accessories, then you received a compliment that turns into business for your product; bravo!!

What you deserve and should get are wow,  “you look great” comments.

Looking, and by the way feeling, great literally goes from head to toe.

Sure getting a compliment on an accessory or other part of your outfit is fantastic and feels really, really good, but don’t think that is the best than you can do or look.

How to get a compliment 

Strive for a combination of “nice shoes” with a smatter of “wow, you look great!”

YOU deserve, and can, look beautiful, confident and great, every single day!

I love showing my clients how to feel beautiful, professional and current –

no matter their size or age!

TIME SENSITIVE OFFER: Want to know how to get a compliment so you can look and feel beautiful, confident and great, every single day? If you do, then let’s set up 15 minutes for us to talk, for FREE. Email me at, while I have the openings to talk.

How to get a compliment

TIP: An easy, quick and mind altering way to look and feel better is by wearing a proper fitting bra. Check out these good and well, interesting bra care tips from The Three Tomatoes. However, I think the one about wearing your bra while showering is a bit, um, extreme.

How to get a compliment

Read my tips on what a proper fitting bra can do for your image and self-confidence. You don’t want to be like Drew Barrymore, who recently declared that how she looked below, is one of her top what was I thinking wardrobe disasters. 

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