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Don’t Box Yourself In!

Want to know a better way for how to cover up a tummy?

Have you been tempted to buy a top that covers the stomach and often hips as well?

I certainly have, but I don’t box myself in and don’t want you to do that either.


Take a look at the below top.

covering up a tummy

By wearing a top shaped like a box, you create a square shape to your body, which makes you look larger than you are and hides any hint of a female form. The curves women have should be celebrated and enhanced no matter what size she may be.

I show my clients how to choose clothes that accentuate the positive, reduce and often eliminate the negative, so that the tummy, hips and whatever else may be a trouble spot, simply disappear.

Certain seaming, cuts, and angles of clothes do a great job of covering up without boxing you in and I love finding them for my clients.

The top, below, once sold by Chicos, has a great detail which creates an angle in the front, thereby avoiding the boxed in look and also creating the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Actually, Chicos has come a long way from the boxy, largely printed tops they were once known for, and I am thrilled that they have added great details that flatter women and cover up the oh why did I eat that tummy.

Keep this in mind next time you reach for a top that will cover you up, and remember to not box yourself in.

covering up a tummy





how to cover up a tummy

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