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Are You Doing The Hokey Pokey With Your Clothes?

Did you ever have to put your right arm in? Your arm right arm out? Did you have to shake it all about?

I’m talking about the Hokey Pokey dance you may have had to do when trying to get out of a dress or top.

Here is all you have to do to avoid having to wiggle your way out of a tight situation:

  1. Sit test. When I suspect a need, I always ask my clients to see if they can sit down comfortably in the clothes they are trying on. The right answer is, YES.
  2. Check if you will need another person to zip and button you up. Be sure to pre-recruit that help, or you will find yourself spending way too much time, doing the Hokey Pokey, and well then, that’s what it will be all about.

Personal Shopping


This is a photo of the dressing room I filled for my Personal Shopping client to shop from.

Every piece that she took home was comfortable and VERY flattering.

Other than one back button on a dress, she will not need anyone to help her get dressed or undressed.

She will look beautiful on the dance floor and will most certainly will not be doing the Hokey Pokey.


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P.S. This post is dedicated to a dear friend who recently did the Hockey Pokey for about 1/2 hour.

Hockey Pokey photo credited to Hokey Pokey – Kids Dance Song – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

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