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Personal Shopper Wins The Gold In Shopping Olympics!

personal shopper
personal shopper

After a particularly great shopping day, my client awarded me the gold medal for being the best personal shopper she has ever worked with.

I really like this client’s taste, but all kidding aside, I truly aim to get the best deals and items I can find for my clients. I love sales and hate spending more than necessary, and I urge you to feel the same way.

SALE WARNING: Just because the sign says sale, does not mean you are really getting a deal. Some stores inflate their prices so that when you see that the item is on ‘sale’, you think you are getting a deal. Well, you are not! You are simply paying the price the store planned on getting all along.

P.S. I  wrote this post while London, England at the time of The Olympics, and having spent the better part of the day in the world famous Harrods. This store gave me, a personal shopper, lots of inspiration, but honestly, there is almost nothing here that cannot be found back in the states. As a matter of fact, I would even be able to find the merchandise for less, as I take getting the best price quite seriously, as it is after all my sport of choice!


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