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What Is A Flip-Flop Sock?

What Is A Flip-Flop Sock?
Goodbye sandals.


October starts a sad time for me, although only until May.

This is the time I have to say goodbye to showing my toes. Not because I need a pedicure, well not yet, but because the temps dip just below 60 degrees and shudders, I wear shoes instead of sandals.

Frankly, I never handle this footwear change very well.

The good news is that it will be back in the ’70s again, and I’ll be back in sandals in no time flat. Actually, I really will be in flats so that my feet will not only be free but also comfy…

But I can promise you won’t be seeing me trying to convert flip-flops into year-long appropriate shoes with flip-flop socks.

Bet you’re asking what is a flip-flop sock?

Well, if you can’t pull yourself away from wearing flip-flops during colder days, these socks just might be what you’re looking for.

What Is A Flip-Flop Sock

Tip: These flip-flop socks are great for when you get a pedicure on cold weather days and that’s the only time I might possibly wear them.

WARNING: Wearing flip-flop type sandals too often is actually bad for your feet. Here is an article to back me up on this.

The website Scary Mommy inspired me to write this post. They come out with some funny stuff on a regular basis. Their name says it all.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

“Thank you so much for my personal styling call. It was a blast, and I’ve told everybody I know about it!
I’ve gone what for me is completely nuts, buying many of the clothes you suggested I try. At first, I tried to find styles similar to your recommendations — I thought I could do it on my own! But I couldn’t! So I stopped wasting time and went back to the shopping links you sent me.
As you promised, this hasn’t been stressful for me for even one second. I am looking at everything and everybody with new eyes, and I do indeed hear your uplifting voice in my head.” Jane Campbell Back In Sorts Organizing Systems

Office Wear Dont’s For Women


Office Wear Dont’s For Women.

 Office Wear Dont's For Women

1. The most annoying sound in an office is the flip, flopping of flip flops!!! When did it become okay to wear beach attire to the office? What happened? An appropriate option is sandals that strap your feet in for what can become a bumpy ride out of a job if you don’t dress in proper work attire!

2. Bras are labeled to be in the UNDER garment category because they are to be under your clothes and out of sight. Nothing says unprofessional more than bra straps peeking out from your clothes either by accident or on purpose.

 Office Wear Dont's For Women

3. Clothes that are too tight. We all gain weight, and we need to embrace this cold hard fact by wearing clothes in your actual size, and not our fantasy size. In other words, let’s get a grip on the sad truth and stop letting our clothes have a grip on you!

CONFESSION: I write this as I sit here upset that I have gained weight and many of my clothes are too tight now, so I won’t be wearing them for a while.
I’m taking my own advice!

“Scarlett helped me transform my closet into a well organized resource of casual and business outfits that easily & successfully meet my everyday needs.”
Betsy Brand, Brandmark Studios LLC


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Are You A Flip Flopper? Video

Flip Flops

Click on the Scarlett Says video below to hear the flip flop sounds of fashion.

Shhhhhhh. Can you hear them? Can you catch the sound of flips flops at work, meetings, and other professional events?

Nothing says or sounds, as unprofessional as the flip flopping of flip flops in the room.

I have been asked my numerous Human Resource executives to speak about how inappropriate wearing flips flops, which were once only worn to the beach, are at the work place.

They also do not belong at networking events, interviews, meeting prospective clients, and everywhere else except Joe’s Clam Shack on the beach.

On a yucky note, feet get very dirty in flips flops when worn anywhere besides the beach or pool, and nobody wants to see that in professional settings.


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Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

Scarlett’s warmth and kindness immediately put me at ease as soon as she stepped in the door. She came to help me put together an outfit for the most important moment of my career, giving my first TEDx talk! I was working through my stage fright, and I knew that if I looked great on stage, I would feel much more confident on the big day.

Scarlett helped me choose the right colors for my skin and hair, and ended up not only choosing a fabulous outfit for the TEDx talk, she also put together many more outfits for my professional life. I would never have thought of combining that blouse with that jacket and skirt. It was like getting five new outfits without spending a penny on clothes.

I love Scarlett so much, I have hosted her on a webinar and my radio show, so she can reach my clients who are dating again after divorce or loss. Helping women feel better about the bodies they have and knowing what to wear? Priceless!

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