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How Can A Woman Find Clothes That Fit?

Find Clothes That FitBet you often ask yourself:  Why Is It So Hard To Find Clothes That Fit?

Good news, it’s not you. It’s them…well, it’s the designers that make it hard for women to find clothes that fit.

Most clothing is designed and manufactured for the narrow rectangular body shape and from my many years of experience showing women how to find clothes that fit, most are NOT shaped like thin rectangles. Me neither.

Most woman actually have curves, and often our curves have curves, so here is the one thing you can do to make the clothes in the stores fit a real woman’s shape and not the mannequins.

Get the clothes altered either by the store’s in house, or your neighborhood tailor.

I recently found a gown for a new client who told me she was never able to find anything in the stores to fit her body.


Find Clothes That FitIf you know me, I LOVE a challenge.

The event she was going to is world famous, and year after year she felt not as elegant as all the other women, who typically are tall, thin, and styled in custom gowns.

Ha I said. No really, I said ha…to myself.

So two weeks before she would get on the plane to fly to California, I took her shopping and found a gown for her that is stunning, and I mean stunning on her.

It needed shortening and taking in at the shoulders for a perfect fit.

If she wasn’t willing to get the dress altered, she wouldn’t look as award winning as she does. I really wish I could share with you a photo of her in that gown, but I need to respect the privacy of my clients. But, I really wish I could.

So, because she used a tailor I can proudly say,  the Oscar goes to…..

Stop avoiding using a tailor & you’ll be a winner too.


And then she said:

“I don’t like clothes shopping, I probably never will. But, I like to look nice and wear flattering clothing. Shopping with you was a great experience. I now have a real wardrobe with many options. You gave me an honest assessment of the clothes I tried on and made sure they all fit properly on my far-less-than-perfect figure. I am looking forward to wearing the clothes you found for me.” B. C. Westchester N.Y.