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Stop The Makeover Madness!




There are so many wardrobe styling and fashion experts on TV telling you, complete strangers, what to wear that you don’t really need my advice anymore. Or, do you?

Do you know that when the wardrobe styling personalities on TV make their recommendations as to what the must-haves are for the season, they typically are representing the stores that carry the merchandise they are plugging? Their job is to stimulate sales and not to make sure that you are wearing clothes which show off your best features and hide the ones you like the least.

Just think back to whenever you might have seen the Ambush Makeover segment on the fourth hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Women anxiously wait outside for hours, hoping to be chosen for clothes, hair and makeup makeover. They show up in sweatpants or mom jeans, and walk out with a great hairstyle and makeup, wobbling in high heels often wearing a cocktail dress.

Many times they cannot see how they look in the mirror until they put their eye-glasses back on while struggling to walk in shoes that throw them off balance or possibly cause them nose bleeds due to their footwear imposed high altitudes.

Now I love the new makeup and hairstyles the Ambush Makeover candidates receive, but I am not impressed with their wardrobe makeovers.

Why not style these makeover winners in clothes that they can use for their real-world lives? Perhaps pants that can be dressed up or down along with shoes that are comfortable yet good looking?

By the way, those type of shoes do exist and I always get a thrill out of the reaction of women when they try them on for the first time.

These REAL LIFE before and afters makeovers are of a few of my clients, and notice how not only do they look younger, thinner and taller but also confident, successful and professional.


“Wow, imakeovers that a money-saver!” That’s what my husband said when I showed him photos of the 14 new looks Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett assembled from my clothes. Not only did she create polished, professional looks; she showed me how to use clothes I hardly ever wore. I can wear the same dress for a week and still look different each day. Thank you, Scarlett!

I kid you NOT!
Yes, you too can look younger, thinner & taller in less than1 hour!
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