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False Advertising Is The Real Fake News.

fasle advertising




Fake lashes, fake ads, and fake before & Afters get me angry for real.

Finally, there is an article about one of my biggest pet peeves: False Advertising, in the cosmetic and fashion industries.

Have you ever noticed that the ads for mascara featuring gorgeous women with thick and full luscious lashes were false? Seriously false, as in false eyelashes.

This false advertising tries to tell us that we too can have lashes like the models, but if they need fake eyelashes to show us how effective the mascara is, then clearly the mascara is not able to produce what we see in the print ad or on a TV commercial.

This New York Times article: Mascara Ads: Thick Lashes, Fine Print highlights the false eyelash false advertising for mascaras, and that those days might legally have to end.

All of this trying to pull the wool over our fake eyelash free eyes, reminds me of a post I wrote, Why Can’t I Look Like That? awhile back about how women’s bodies are manipulated and altered to look ‘perfect’ for ads, features and magazine covers.

We need to speak up and say, we’re not going to accept false advertising and other attempts to make women feel inadequate and falsely unattractive.

Are you with me?

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