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It Hasn’t Been Easy, But Definitely Worth It asI love My Personal Styling Business

personal stylingI am a Mature Preneur.
There I said it.
You must be wondering what the heck is a Mature Preneur? Well, I started my personal styling business, when I was getting too close for comfort to being 50, and that makes me a Mature Preneurial.

And wouldn’t you know it, the very gifted interviewer Elaine Benoit had me on her podcast, , and got me to share a few things I haven’t before.

Let’s just say, I’m glad my husband doesn’t read my blog posts.

Lately, I’m in a tell and show all mood.

Afterall, last week I showed you a photo of myself wearing men’s sweatpants. Yes, there I was in a very undesirable setting, looking and feeling quite grey.

personal stylingTake a look and listen to what I spilled right  and remember…it ain’t over, till it’s over.

Words of Wisdom:
A thinner you isn’t any more deserving than who you are right now.

Did you know that YOU can pull out an outfit from your closet every day without any other thought than, hey that was easy and damn I look good?

Well, you can, but only if YOU let me show you how.

Just like Nike says, JUST DO IT.

Give me a call, 914 441 0756, or send me an email and spill the beans of your I’m sick & tired of not knowing what to wear.

personal stylingAlthough Scarlett came extremely highly recommended and I knew what to expect when working with her, I was still so very surprised and delighted by how truly wonderful the process really was — and Scarlett is. Clearing out my closet was uplifting – I never realized how little of what was in there that I actually wore, or would even want to wear! Seeing what new outfits could be made from the remaining clothes was very enlightening. But the icing on the cake was the shopping experience! Words can’t really describe how wonderful it was. Truly is an experience that every woman should have—and ideally have more than once! And I am so tickled at the compliments I’ve been getting at my new outfits and how amazing they make me look and feel! Without a doubt, I can definitely say I’ve stopped stressing about dressing!!

Kim Barron

New Leaf Graphic Design