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The Opposite Of What To Wear =Naked

What to wear

I must admit that I was dressed very inappropriatley a few weeks ago. I mean, I really messed up.

It all started when I treated myself to a Spa day and for the record, I rarely treat myself to a day of bliss. The irony is not lost on me, as many of the women who hire me, are indeed treating vs ignoring themselves.

I chose to end my day with a Shiatsu massage, and when I made the appointment I remember being asked if I minded having a female therapist. I thought it was odd that I was asked that.

I showered and put on the provided fluffy white robe and joined all the other ultra relaxed women on lounge chairs, waiting for their treatment.

When my name was called, I was brought into the spa treatment area and was introduced to my male therapist. Ohhh, they must have asked if I minded having a male therapist. No matter, as I don’t care.

The Opposite Of What To Wear =Naked

When he brought me into the room, he looked rather puzzled and wanted to know if I understood that this was a Shiatsu massage, and not one using lotions and oils. I told him, that I did not and no problem. I was already so relaxed, nothing was going to effect me. Except I was asking myself why did he look at me that way and wanted to know if I knew what I signed up for.

So, as soon as I got to my bag, I dug out my receipt for my massage and saw these few words:

Please wear loose clothing.


For the record, he left the room while I laid on the massage table, and I was covered by sheets.

Note: Read dress codes very carefully.

Love when I see my clients looking so confident, attractive and professional on TV. Here is Cathi Nelson, founder of Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) being interviewed on CBS.
Cathi told me that before working with me, she would never have picked out this purple top and scarf, and she looks beautiful wearing them.

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What To Wear To A Holiday Party. Plus 8 Tips to Add Holiday Sparkle to Your Outfit.

what to wear to holiday party

What To Wear To A Holiday Party
Needing a makeover or a chest waxing?


It’s that time of year again. The invitation has arrived to a holiday party or dinner, and the suggested dress code is ‘Festive Attire’, or dressy casual, cocktail, or smart casual. Which makes me ask: who dresses in ignorant casual?

Now you are faced with two very important questions. What do I wear and for heaven’s sake, what do these suggested what to wear dress codes mean?

So many invitations are suggesting this new dress term, and so many more people are confused by what it means.

Festive attire is NOT, what the person in the above photo is wearing. These sweaters are reserved only for a growing poplar party theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater holiday parties.

Batteries Not Included

Typically festive attire is a way of asking the guests to dress up, as in no jeans, but not go as far as a gown. It is a way of guiding you to make an effort to dress up, jazz up what you wore to work or to have a little fun with your basic black dress or pants. If any piece of clothing or accessory requires batteries, then they are not appropriate for festive attire invites to parties.

So if you’re looking to get some ideas on how to turn your basic black dress or pants outfit into a wow outfit that is fit for any festive attire event, then try a few of the following tips.

what to wear to a holiday party
A basic dress in a color that flatters you, is just the start of a perfect outfit.


 8 Ways to add instant pops of festive attire, without spending lots of money:


1. Wear a necklace that has more than one strand to it. Try a multi layer strands of pearls, or combine two or three necklaces together to make a statement.

2. Combine bracelets that are slightly similar so as to create a more dramatic look than when just wearing one single bracelet.

3. Or add a cuff (wide) bracelet that has some color and/or shimmer on it.

4. Instead of a necklace, add an interesting lightweight scarf in a color that compliments your eyes.

5. Wear dramatic earrings if you are not wearing a necklace or if you chose a scarf.

6. Don’t wear your everyday handbag when you are dressing up. Wear a smaller and dressier handbag. Try one with color or even basic black as long as you do not look like you didn’t bother to switch out your bag from work or shopping.

7. Switch your shoes as well. This is the time to dust off those special occasion shoes that might be less than comfortable, than your regular pair but definitely worth it.

8. Apply gloss over your regular lipstick. It quickly dresses up your face and makes the eyes sparkle.

Don’t fall into the trap of wearing all black, unless you have added some sparkle or shimmer. Chocolate brown, navy, ruby red, emerald and sapphire are great alternatives. If you do choose to wear black, then add color with your necklaces or a scarf so you create some contrast and interest.

Remember to have some fun with your choices, and enjoy the festivities.

 What To Wear To A Holiday Party

Looking for more what to wear tips?

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What To Wear To A Holiday Party
Jane Pollak -Leading Remarkable Women To Uncommon Success


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