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How To Care For Sweaters That Pill

sweaters that pill

Sweaters are being taken out of their Summer spots from closets and drawers ready for their cool weather debut……or are they? Does yours have the unfortunate clothing affliction of Pilling?

Don’t risk looking cheap.

Sweaters that pill, will make one that costs as much as $200, look like it came out of a dollar bin. The finest cashmere or far less expensive acrylics all have the potential to become sweaters that pill, therefore looking sloppy and cheap.

Take a close look at your wooly companions, and check for pilling sweaters.

Nubby sweaters look, well shabby.

Buzz the heck out of those fluffy bumps with a fabric shaver like this one from Walmart. These shavers remove the offending pills, without damaging the sweater and are like a makeover for your pilling sweaters making them look good as new.

Looking good as new


sweaters that pill

Wearing the right color is as easy as

  1   –    2    –   3


Here are three lovely women who had attended a fantastic workshop for women. Part of the workshop involved my giving each participant a color consultation and the next day each followed my advice and were beaming in this photo.

I loved receiving this photo in my inbox the next day.