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The Fashion Industry Needs A Makeover

Fashion Industry Needs A Makeover
Fashion Industry Needs A Makeover

Why are so many, and I mean MANY, women struggling trying to find clothes that make them look great?

You know, what great looking is in terms of style and fashion, right? Being beautiful must mean looking like the models in magazines, TV and on the runway.



I love what Tim Gunn, of Project Runway, is saying, and I encourage you to watch the video, and see that it is NOT YOU!

When referring to the models wearing clothes meant to entice us, Tim Gunn eloquently explains that “We’ve been conditioned to think that’s what looks good”.

Look, I’ve been talking about this for years and even wrote my book, Stop Stressing About Dressing,  to help women of all sizes, shapes and ages stop getting frustrated and stressed out, so they become, empowered vs overwhelmed.

Tim Gunn on why the fashion industry
needs a makeover.

Fashion Industry Needs A Makeover
Who really looks like this?

Tim Gunn explains that silhouette, fit and proportion are the keys to making  keys a design more flattering, and he’s right…in terms of general advice.

But, when I advice a woman, I show her how certain details that she may never have noticed, can add pounds, reduce or enlarge features, plus give the illusion of being taller.

There are clothes out there for larger sized women vs  the ultra thin models and oh, let’s not leave out the ‘real housewives’ on TV. Heaven help us.

I find well fitting and flattering clothes all the time for my clients.
That’s My Job. It’s what I love to do.

For the women who choose to not get professional styling advice, I love Tim Gunn’s call to action:

As Tim Gunn famously says, and is now exclaiming:

“Designers, make it work!” 

So stop thinking something is wrong with you, or that losing weight will solve all your what to wear woes and wishes.

Come on now, even a women who is a size 8 can’t or shouldn’t, look like those models.

You and I, WE ARE NORMAL! We just need the fashion industry to accept and acknowledge  us.


Fashion Industry Needs A Makeover“I had a great time and was very impressed w/all the outfits you created. I’m so excited to see all the color you added to my existing wardrobe and love all the combinations you came up with. I can’t tell you how much you changed my outlook on clothing. I’m actually looking forward to wearing all the nice things you picked out and am no longer dreading going into my closet! You have no idea the stress I used to feel when it came to deciding what I was going to wear…Thanks so much for everything, Scarlett.” Adrienne Daniels