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How Can You Be Mad At This Face? Why I shop at Nordstrom.



I am often asked which store do I take my clients shopping, and the answer is always Nordstrom.

The main two reasons I prefer Nordstroms is because they have a variety of price points and exceptional customer service. And I do mean exceptional customer service.

I have many examples of Nordstrom’s excellent customer service, but none as adorable and painful as what this gorgeous and sweet-faced puppy did to this expensive and once equally gorgeous shoe.


A new ‘shoe’ toy for this gorgeous puppy.


When I found these versatile, attractive and comfortable shoes for my client, after having helped her find many new pieces of clothing, she fell in love with them despite their high price tag.

While she wore all her new clothes immediately she hesitated to wear the new shoes as they were more than she typically would spend on shoes. She kept thinking she would return them, but never brought herself to do so because she loved them so much. So they remained on the floor of her closet, helpless and neglected. That is until…….

Mr. Puppy thought he had a new ‘shoe’ toy, and my client saw $$ disappear before her eyes and sent me the above picture. Once I stopped saying NOOOOO, I suggested she take the half-eaten pair of shoes back to Nordstrom to ask for their help. I think she thought I was nuts, but I guess I earned her trust, and then…

Nordstrom’s famous customer service came thru. They replaced the chewed up shoe, and my client now was back to owning a beautiful pair of shoes, that she happily wears, over and over again.

She even bought another pair!

The moral of the story is to use and enjoy what you have while you can. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of using what you have while you are well and young enough to do so.

Quoting the beloved Erma Bombeck from her book, IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER, “I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage”.



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