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The Panties I Recommend

Have you suffered the indignity of visible panty linesany of the following?

Muffin Tops
VPL aka Visible Panty Lines
Roll Overs

Even worse, have you tolerated more than one of the above simultaneously?

Sadly, I have and that got me started on a very long quest to find panties that don’t distract me from whatever I am doing, especially when speaking.

Imagine speaking to a group, person or entering a room, while trying to get your panties in place and keeping them there. Nothing is more distracting and attention getting then the panty dance, along with all the  contortions women display trying to keep their panties where they belong. Actually it can resemble Elaine’s infamous ‘dancing’ on Seinfeld.

Here are the brands I have tried, bought and currently recommend including avoiding visible panty lines.

Vanishing Edge panties by Soma Intimates a division of Chico’s, Vanishing for no VPL They started to roll down as my waist got larger, so I am no longer a big fan, however now they have a combo of tummy control and no visible panty lines, which I will soon try out myself.

Yummie by Heather Thomson For pure tummy control. These are great for keeping the stomach from spilling over. I suggest wearing them when you don’t need to worry about panty lines, as they are not so invisible in the rear. Wear with longer tops or lose jeans.

TC Edge panties are currently my favorite. They are as close to invisible, so no VPL, don’t ride down my tummy and are as light as a feather. They are also fantastic for traveling, as I can wash them in the hotel sink, and they are dry in under 2 hours. I prefer to not take up up valuable space in my carry-on with underwear.

Any panty that provides no visible panty lines, usually has a rubber feature along the leg opening that keeps them comfortably in place.

TIP: NEVER put your panties in the dryer, never, ever, never!! Doing so, will guarantee they will fall apart quickly and waste your money.

Why no Spanx you ask? My philosophy is that if the clothes are the right size and style for a woman’s shape, there is no need to compress your body and feel like a mummy.

Virtual Consultation Client Says:

visible panty lines

“Wow – after Scarlett’s consultation, I’m (finally) dressing more confidently, knowing what look is ‘working’.  Her kind enthusiasm  reduced the dread.” Linda MacCracken – Chicago, Illinois

You really should Get More Tips to help you stop struggling with figuring out what to wear.

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Don’t Box Yourself In!

Want to know a better way for how to cover up a tummy?

Have you been tempted to buy a top that covers the stomach and often hips as well?

I certainly have, but I don’t box myself in and don’t want you to do that either.


Take a look at the below top.

covering up a tummy

By wearing a top shaped like a box, you create a square shape to your body, which makes you look larger than you are and hides any hint of a female form. The curves women have should be celebrated and enhanced no matter what size she may be.

I show my clients how to choose clothes that accentuate the positive, reduce and often eliminate the negative, so that the tummy, hips and whatever else may be a trouble spot, simply disappear.

Certain seaming, cuts, and angles of clothes do a great job of covering up without boxing you in and I love finding them for my clients.

The top, below, once sold by Chicos, has a great detail which creates an angle in the front, thereby avoiding the boxed in look and also creating the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Actually, Chicos has come a long way from the boxy, largely printed tops they were once known for, and I am thrilled that they have added great details that flatter women and cover up the oh why did I eat that tummy.

Keep this in mind next time you reach for a top that will cover you up, and remember to not box yourself in.

covering up a tummy





how to cover up a tummy

“Thank you, Scarlett – so much great advice – my closets are so, so much easier to navigate – You made editing easy and possible – the idea of getting dressed without the hassle and wasted time and money is just thrilling – so many better things to do. I am thrilled with “Less is More.” —Christine Biddle

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