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How To Pack a Suitcase for a Week in a Carry-On

How To Pack A Suitcase for A Week in a Carry-On

One of the tips I shared with you in my last post, was that each piece of clothing must be able to be worn at least 2 different ways. That guideline works for the accessories you bring as well, including handbags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes.

Here is what I brought with me:


Three pairs of shoes. 2 low heeled sandals and 1 pair of sneakers but they are not the kinds you wear to the gym. Mine are black suede, and yes they can get wet. When I wear mine with jeans, they almost disappear. I only brought shoes that I can do lots of walking in, but you can pack heels to substitute for one flat pair if your trip is more business than touring.


One handbag is really all you need, and mine was a bright blue which went with EVERY outfit! It had enough room for keys, cell phones, cameras, IPAD, business cards, makeup, etc. I didn’t bring all those things, but you might.


One patterned scarf that went with almost every single outfit. I love scarves, and like how they can add some pop and pizazz to a simple outfit.


Two necklaces. One blue and silver, the other brown/cream.
One silver watch.
One multi-strand bracelet with brown, black and cream colors.
One silver hoop pairing of earrings, that I can change the ball drop to three different colors.

Stay tuned for How To Pack A Suitcase for A Week in a Carry-On Part 3, when I show some of the different outfits that can be created with very few clothes.

“You should know that EVERYONE raves about my new wardrobe.”
Linda T. Ct.

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