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Just A Few Of My, Not Oprah’s, Favorite Things For You & Gift Giving

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 Lysee leggings – Muffin top foe & women’s body friend.

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Toppix Fill in thinning hair spots for her or him.

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Stop Stressing About Dressing – Book.  Ok, I’m the author so somewhat biased, but it really makes a great gift for women who want to find out the secrets that will help them stop wasting money, time and energy on choosing what to wear. Trust me on this.

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BlinGuard Make your rings stop turning and your earrings stay put.

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KaraMac Change the look of your shoes with just a click

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*Tide Pods As one client said, “love how they make my yoga clothes smell”.

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 Ebates Shopping site where YOU get money back

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Benefit – Eyebrow Shaping .

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Sleevey Wonders – Arm cover-up.

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Munro shoes – Comfy with style…orthotic compatible if needed.

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Mark Jacobs eye pencils – Waterproof and easy to apply.

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*Round Hot Brush – Get control of your hair.

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Gift Certificates for Style and/or Personal Shopping consultations with moi.

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My favorite gift is getting emails like this from my clients:

Dear Scarlett,

Yesterday Was The Best Clothing Experience In My Long Life!!!
Your Ability To Size Up The Person And Their Wardrobe was Incredible. With Your Ability, I Have Eleminated Items I Never Wear And You Put Together Items From Several Outfits To Make Several New Outfits. Bottom Line Is My Closet Has Less Clutter And More Outfits. You Are Very Pleasant To Work With And Your Knowledge Of Fashion Exceptional.
thank You For All Your Help I Am Extremely grateful.




*Recommended by clients and members of my private Stop Stressing About Dressing FaceBook group.

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How To Make Your Rings and Earrings Fit…Just Right

How To Make Your Rings and Earrings Fit
How To Make Your Rings and Earrings Fit

Sometimes a product finds me, before I find it.

I recently attended a business woman’s event called Savor The Success, and in my really nice swag bag, was a product I needed, yet didn’t know it existed.

BlingGuard, offers one solution for heavy earrings, and another for rings that don’t sit right on your finger. Now, I know how to make your rings and earrings fit, and stay put.

Here are the videos that explain each product.

And for those rings that become too loose or are not quite the right size, the BlingWrap is a lifesaver!

I have a ring that had never sat well on my hand, and although I love it, I couldn’t wear it as it drove me nuts. I used the BlingWrap, and voila, it fit and didn’t turn around on my finger anymore.

Have you requested to join my private FaceBook group, Stop Stressing About Dressing?

How To Make Your Rings and Earrings Fit

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