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How Long Should Your Pants Be?

Basic Black Pants
How Low Should You Go with Your Basic Black Pants?


What message does wearing pants that drag on the floor say to you?

This is a photo of a saleswoman in a better department store, and I could not help but notice, that her basic black pants were dragging on the floor.



Do you get the message that she is neat, organized, creative, and pro-active? Would you want her advice on how you look in the clothes you are trying on in the store, or how to decorate your home?

My guess is that you would answer no way!

I am all for wearing comfortable shoes, especially when standing on your feet for hours, but pants need to be tailored to be just above the floor, not touching, or in this case dragging on the ground.

The easy solution is to have just two pairs of basic black pants. One pair tailored for flats and the other for a heel. This way you will look polished and professional and not like you borrowed someone else’s clothes or wearing hand-me-downs.

NOTE: The same guidelines apply to dark denim and/or white jeans.


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