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Here’s A Quick & Easy Closet Makeover Tip

I’m embarrassed to say, that my closet was ugly & needed a makeover.

Change is good and easy.

No More Wire & Plastic Hangers!

You would be amazed at how a $20 dress can look as good as a $200 dress when hung on a simple attractive hanger. Just as surprising, is how bad a $200 dress can look on a wire, or plastic store hanger.



This used to be how I hung my clothes. Yes, the hangers are all the same, but they are ugly. Plastic white hangers tend to turn yellow and stand out in an unattractive manner.


Hang all your clothes on the same type and color hanger, and you will find yourself smiling each time you open your closet doors.

Imagine how if one simple change such as switching out your hangers will make, how much more can be done with your “I can’t find anything to wear” closet.

I used these hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond
and don’t forget your 20% off coupon.

Well, you don’t have to imagine, because when you join my FREE 5 day Clean Your Closet Plan to End Your Closet Shame.

Sign up HERE to get an easy to follow tip per day for just 5 days, so you can only have the clothes in your closet that you’ll
want and love to wear.

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Beauty Survival Guide for When You lose Power

We lose power a lot. I mean a lot!

And although not an immediate priority when you don’t have electricity, heat or perhaps even water, a woman eventually has to get ready for the outside world by being able to apply and remove her makeup in the dark.

After all when we need to escape to a place that has internet, heat, and warm food it makes us feel a whole lot better to not look we are a contestant on the show Survivor.

Here’s what you should have according to my beauty survival guide for the next time, and there will be a next time, the power goes out.

1. A travel size battery operated magnifying light up mirror. This is great for applying makeup and contact lenses. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. A facial cleanser that does not require water. I am a big fan of Cetaphil, available at drugstores, as it is a gentle cleanser and really great for your skin.

3. A non-alcoholic toner to use to clean your face and remove excess makeup.

4. Lots of Purell type non-water instant hand sanitizer cleanser, but do not use it on your face, as it is too harsh for facial skin.

Finally, patience, a sense of humor, chocolate, wine, and a really good friend or relative who has a generator will help you get thru another frustrating dark and inconvenient experience.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

“Thank you, Scarlett, for a wonderful morning. It was like a birthday party for me, truly acheiving more than I expected. It was a fantastic experience, and if you knew me better, you would know what a supurlative complement that is, because I rarely rate any experience that high.” —I.B., Somers N.Y.

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