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Beauty Survival Guide for When You lose Power

We lose power a lot. I mean a lot!

And although not an immediate priority when you don’t have electricity, heat or perhaps even water, a woman eventually has to get ready for the outside world by being able to apply and remove her makeup in the dark.

After all when we need to escape to a place that has internet, heat, and warm food it makes us feel a whole lot better to not look we are a contestant on the show Survivor.

Here’s what you should have according to my beauty survival guide for the next time, and there will be a next time, the power goes out.

1. A travel size battery operated magnifying light up mirror. This is great for applying makeup and contact lenses. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. A facial cleanser that does not require water. I am a big fan of Cetaphil, available at drugstores, as it is a gentle cleanser and really great for your skin.

3. A non-alcoholic toner to use to clean your face and remove excess makeup.

4. Lots of Purell type non-water instant hand sanitizer cleanser, but do not use it on your face, as it is too harsh for facial skin.

Finally, patience, a sense of humor, chocolate, wine, and a really good friend or relative who has a generator will help you get thru another frustrating dark and inconvenient experience.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

“Thank you, Scarlett, for a wonderful morning. It was like a birthday party for me, truly acheiving more than I expected. It was a fantastic experience, and if you knew me better, you would know what a supurlative complement that is, because I rarely rate any experience that high.” —I.B., Somers N.Y.

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