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Some Of My Favorite Things On Amazon

my favorite things on Amazon

Amazon has become the go-to place to shop, and these days of mostly staying at home, we can find practically anything there.

No matter how you may feel about Amazon, there are some great finds on it, and here are a few of my favorites in a very, very eclectic list.


My Favorite Things On Amazon.

Cover your shoulders in the heat and stay cool with these sheer covers that I often recommend that comes in tons of colors.

This poncho is for cooler weather and perfect for throwing on over your top to instantly look stylish & really great for when you’re going to be on Zoom for a virtual date or meeting.


This poncho is perfect for covering up in warmer weather and another great choice for Zoom dating and meetings and also comes in tons of colors.

This well-priced ring light is what I use when I don’t have enough natural light. Plus it has a remote for taking photos or videos.


If you like hard-boiled eggs, I don’t but my husband does, this is the cutest way to cook and store them. It was one of his favorite Christmas gifts.



This iPhone case is expensive looking, great quality, and comes packaged like a Hermes scarf. and makes for a great gift.

I love black string licorice and have a hard time finding it. This 2 lb bag keeps me happy…for a bit of time. 🤫


These are so much nicer than the regular reusable plastic tote bags I used to use when shopping at the market.


I LOVE this body cream. Not only is it a great body moisturizer but also smells soooo good.



I would love to know your Amazon finds and favorites, so please share yours with me, and they just might make it to my list of favorites too.

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?
Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Now That Nordstrom Dropped the Ivanka Trump Line, and a few more retailers are joining the migration, many of her fans are wondering what is going on and where will they be able to get her merchandise.

So, should you buy Ivanka Trump’s brand? To be very honest with you, I was never a fan of her line. I found the fit was not flattering for most body types and the quality was poor.

Years ago I bought a pair of her shoes because they looked so good, but after wearing them for one night and losing all feeling in my feet as they hurt so much, I realized my feet were not meant for her shoes, no matter how cute they looked.

When a line of clothes or accessories gets bad reviews and the quality is not that great, people stop buying it.

It happens to be very common for retailers to drop lines from their stores, and Ivanka Trump isn’t the first and definitely will not be the last.

I got Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?the following stats from International Business Times website.

“Citing internal Nordstrom data, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line dropped by about 32 percent last fiscal year. Sales of Ivanka’s footwear and apparel fell more than 70 percent lower in the second, third and fourth weeks of October 2016 compared with the same time the year before.”

But, if you loved how her line fits you and the feeling it evokes when you wear it, have no fear as many stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Zappos still carry Ivanka Trump products.

If her sales keep slipping, it won’t be long till more retailers go from having Trumps products go from available for sale, to on sale, to no longer available for sale.

That’s business, not politics.

There are many lines out there that offer style, comfort, flattering fit and high quality. I tell my clients about them all the time.

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?Join my on-line course, Scarlett’s Stress Free Style System: How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love On The Budget You Have and you too will be able to open your closet door, choose a fabulous outfit and feel like a million bucks.

Why Are some Stores Tricking Shoppers?


Stores Tricking Shoppers

 Why are some stores stores tricking shoppers?

Well, I’m not one to say I told you so, but….. I did, and way before the news started covering the story.

I have been bringing attention to fake discounts for years, and I am so glad actions are being taken to stop tricking and protect shoppers.

Stores are now being sued for the make believe original prices and the false savings so many shoppers think they are getting. So why are some stores tricking shoppers? Quick answer, to make money.

Their system tricks shoppers into believing they are getting a great deal, therefore purchasing items based on the pretend deal the stores make you think you are getting.

You can read about the lawsuits now taking place in the NBC news story here.

A few months ago, I wrote about another way stores take advantage of shoppers. Check it out, if you missed what made me so darn mad.

 Buyers Beware

I find great deals at traditional stores, but those retailers that have fake original prices, are messing with you, so please don’t be fooled!

Stores Tricking Shoppers
Now here is a real sale. Well, I mean my bookStop Stressing About Dressing keeps selling out on Amazon, and is currently listed as Temporarily out of stock. However when an order is placed Amazon, you will get a copy in a few days. The Kindle is always in stock.

Stop Stressing About Dressing makes a great gift and/or stocking stuffer, plus a really cool way to gift my services to someone you want to help stop being frustrated about what to wear and buy.

I’ve been very busy creating my very first on-line video series program: my Stress Free Personal Styling System, “How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love On The Budget You Have”.

I have wanted to create a system that I can share with all the women who would love to end their what to wear madness, and are not able to work with me personally. I’m almost done, and it has been hard work, and you know that anything worthwhile, takes some effort.

More Ways To Cover Up Your Upper Arms

Tired Of Sleeveless Clothes?

More Ways To Cover Up Your Upper Arms

Check out these arm cover ups in the online newsletter, which I am a contributor to, The Three Tomatoes. They use fabulous Helen Mirren as a perfect example of how a woman maintains a high level of class and glamour, yet always has her upper arms covered.

I even made a video a couple of years ago on the subject of our, less than pageant ready, upper arms.

More Ways To Cover Up Your Upper Arms

It’s not you – it’s your clothes…because you never learned the specifics that will allow you to transform what you choose to wear and  buy.

Stress no more, because now you can get what to wear advice that you can easily follow, while laughing as you learn in my recently published book, Stop Stressing About Dressing. Get your copy here on Amazon.

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read on how to look and feel great every day. I’m a protege of Scarlett’s and find her tips and explanations invaluable in this slim volume. “That’s why I should wear more ruffles!” is one small reminder of why particular textures, colors and necklines flatter some and not others. Scarlett is a genius in this arena and generously shares her fashion secrets with us mere mortals. I highly recommend Stop Stressing About Dressing to all women, particularly those of us over 50. Jane Pollak

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Sorry- This Will Flip You Out

Flip & Fold so your drawers and closet shelves can look like this:

How to fold clothes

Instead of this:

How to fold clothes








I needed a way to help my son learn how to fold clothes better, so they wouldn’t always be a wrinkled mess when he got dressed. Since folding was not easy for him, I went searching for a solution.

I remembered, years ago, seeing Gap employees use a tool to fold shirts for that perfect look. Actually, to this day I feel guilty unfolding clothes in stores so I can get a better look at the merchandise.

Anyway, I wanted one of those folding gadgets and I found it.

This is how to fold clothes easily, quickly and uniformly.[bctt tweet=”A great tool to fold clothes perfectly @ScarlettImage”]How to fold clothes

You can found one at the resources below:


The Container Store

Amazon has many varieties too.

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