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Stylist Tips to Organize Your Jewelry

Above was one, yes just one, of my piles of costume jewelry necklaces, in drawers that required me to move pieces aside, dig through boxes, etc, when I was accessorizing my outfits. 
But, within this delightful mess laid the potential to elevate any outfit I created.
I know I’m not alone in the accessory chaos – because I see the same tangle in my client’s homes and on Zoom.
Since I keep buying myself necklaces, I needed a clear solution. Which is why when I saw these lucite boxes at Home Goods, my eyes lit up. 
I had just freed up an entire shelf in my closet, and knew seeing all my goodies will be so much more fun, easier, and prettier to look at in these boxes.
Within your delightful mess lies the potential to elevate any outfit from mundane to magnificent, which is why organizing these treasures can unlock a treasure trove of style possibilities. 
Separating them from the jumble and giving each piece its own space is like granting each gem a chance to shine, no longer overshadowed by the clutter. 
Imagine the satisfaction of actually being able to find that perfect statement necklace to accentuate your dress, or quickly spotting the ideal pair of earrings to match your mood. Creating a well-organized, visible system not only saves time but also brings a daily touch of joy as you mix and match your accessories effortlessly, transforming even the simplest outfit into a fashion statement.
The art of organizing your accessories doesn’t just declutter your space; it declutters your mind and provides a calming effect. 
When I open my closet and can clearly see how I used boxes like these, I can’t help but smile. The organization makes me very happy.
Notice how I organized by color as well.
By creating a system where everything has its place, you’re essentially creating a harmony that transcends beyond mere organization. It’s about honoring each accessory for its unique beauty, allowing you to appreciate and actually wear each piece with the attention it deserves. So, untangle those necklaces, organize your treasures, and try this clear solution too.

You can get these stackable boxes on Amazon too.

And then she said:

  • “Scarlett guided me to buy a chic and modern wardrobe that works best for me. Her keen eye combined color, clothing, and accessories in ways I never dreamed I could wear.” – Barbara Andrews

Ladies, it’s time to get organized and always know what to wear! Book a Zoom call with me and find out how I’ll find the perfect clothes for YOU.