Introducing An Exclusive Scarlett Image Styling Event

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  1. * You’ve stood in front of a mirror multiple times & hated how you looked in the clothes you were wearing.
  2. * You’re tired of not knowing what to wear when you have events to attend.
  3. * You’ve tried changing your body and clothes many times…yet you’re still frustrated and unsure how to dress.
  4. * You just want to know what would look good on you so you don’t look & feel, dare i say it… frumpy.
  5. * You’ve wanted to work with me, but been a bit afraid to have me in your closet.
  6. * You’ve thought that nothing can help you.

What if I told you it’s NOT you?

Well, I’ve got Good news for you.

I have a solution, and it makes for a very special day.

It isn’t you…it’s the clothes you wear and buy because you don’t know which are the most flattering for your age, shape, personality and career.

It no longer needs to be this way.

*You’ll discover why certain clothes do or don’t look good on you.
*You’ll find out what you can do to highlight your best features and hide those that you are less fond of.
*You’ll realize it is not about what size you wear, but what you wear.
*You’ll walk out knowing how to dress to look and feel confident.
*You’ll know how to choose the right clothes and accessories perfect for YOU.
*You’ll learn what styles and labels you should look for when shopping.
*You’ll get the answers to your “what should I wear” questions.

YOU Could Be Here & Finally Know What To Wear.

Major Fun AlertBring up to four pieces from your own wardrobe that you would love to know what to do with or should even be wearing. You’ll get my specific and personalized feedback that will transform how you judge and wear the clothes you already own.

Invite your friends and/or relatives to join you in a what will be a transformative, informative and best of all fun-filled day.
Questions? Send an email to or call 914 441 0756


Ticket price: $350

Reserve Your spot when payment is made here.

Details and directions will be sent to you via email following payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the unique nature of this Scarlett Image Styling Event, payments are non-refundable.

Client Testimonials

Thanks, Scarlett. All of us at Gray Wolf Consulting have been sharing stories of cleaning out our closets and wearing more put together outfits. This is all because of your good insight and supportive conversations with our team. We all loved it! Many thanks.

– Cynthia Graziano

I recently attended Scarlett’s Styling Workshop Event and found it to be life-changing. I am now armed with knowledge; like what colors to choose for me, what’s in style, where to shop, how to accentuate my best features and how to choose a few quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. I went home and was able to clean out my closets. I love how Scarlett believes that you can still be comfortable and look good. THANK YOU SCARLETT!

– Melissa Schulz

I attended Scarlett’s first Stop Stressing About Dressing Styling Event this past Friday and it was fantastic. A small group of women shared learning and experiences and many many questions and laughs as we learned about our colors, ‘pulling things together’ and loads of style tips. I left energized and ready to make some changes, heading directly into my closet. Of course with all the extra space there was room for a tiny shopping trip to see if I could find at least 1 new piece in ‘my pallet’. The sales clerk was quite impressed with my focused shopping efforts as was I! Highly, highly recommend if you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett in a group or individual setting you consider it.

– Teresa Solecki

Julia Garlick

Thanks again for your advice! Our session was very useful, and some of the notes are now stuck on my closet door. You even found a stash of my favorite jeans that were discontinued years ago!

– Julia Garlick
Asst Professor of Economics
University of Iowa

If you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett – take it! I attended a workshop she gave today and came away with so many tips to improve my wardrobe & shopping habits. Brava!

– Carolyn Rettbert Browning

Knowledgeable, professional and down to earth, Scarlett DeBease delivers styling straight talk that not only builds her clients’ wardrobes but their confidence as well!

– Rochelle Williston

I attended Scarlett’s Awesome Styling Workshop on Friday and Highly Recommend her to Everyone who wants to Look, Feel & Know that they are Better Dressed. I will Forever, from now on, Look at my Clothes & my Closets & most Important my future Purchases thru much more Knowledgeable Eyes! I Love to Learn & I now Know many “Tips” and Thank Scarlett for a Most Enjoyable and Fun Learning Experience.

 Julie Millett Clark

Thank you for sharing such wealth of styling tips with us. I had a great time and enjoyed the group so much. I learned a lot and feel very motivated now to go through my entire wardrobe to weed it from all the wrong color pieces of clothing. I will be working on building a much better foundation to be ready to look more professional and stylish!

– Laurence Furic