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Get YOUR copy of Stop Stressing About Dressing today

by Professional Image Consultant Scarlett De Bease

Tired of getting stressed out every time you need to pick something out to wear?

Hate shopping for clothes?

Frustrated that your body isn’t what it once was and nothing seems to fit you anymore?

Let’s face it, women are terribly hard on themselves when it comes to how they look, and dressing can be downright stressful. When you own a business and represent your brand, that just adds a whole new layer of “what the heck should I be wearing?”

As we age we might find that “contents have shifted” and we no longer feel as fabulous in the clothes we wore in our yesteryears, and aren’t sure how to dress our new bodies.

As a personal stylist, I’ve worked with many women of all ages, shapes, and sizes and I specialize in helping every single one of them find clothes that look and feel amazing – without having to skip dessert.

Say goodbye to the boring, cookie-cutter styling advice that “fashion insiders” give women each year. Stop Stressing About Dressing shares specific changes you can immediately make in how you select and wear your clothes and accessories. The results will uplift your look and self-confidence in a matter of minutes with a few laughs along the way.

Reviews from recent buyers:

“Scarlett De Bease offers styling straight talk on a multitude of everyday fashion struggles with practical tips delivered in a fun, upbeat and easy to read format. Stop Stressing About Dressing is a valuable tool for anyone who has ever found themselves disappearing into the depths of a full closet only to come out with “nothing to wear”…I laughed, I learned and I thoroughly enjoyed Stop Stressing About Dressing!”

Rochelle W.

“Just want to start by saying that “Stop Stressing About Dressing” is the perfect give for your mom, sister or best friend. I learned more from it than I have in a lifetime of trying to make decisions about how to clothe myself without any advice about size, color, design, and even necklines. Scarlett DeBease is an expert in helping a woman to make use of what they already have in their closets with new clothing and accessories. I loved reading this hilarious book as she mixes humor with truth and makes learning more fun than it’s been in years. I sat in a doctor’s waiting room recently and read the book, screaming (softly) with laughter as I read a chapter called “The Bathing Suit Blues.” I will now know how to choose my next bathing suit with a lot more self-assurance on how to look good at the beach in what most women believe to be an impossible effort.

Best piece of Advice? Roll up your sleeves to just below your elbows to look slimmer all over in your clothes. It works!”

Linda Spear

“This book is so informative I’ve recommended it to many of my friends. I’ve already had 3 friends buy it, and it will make a great Holiday present too. There are chapters on just about everything regarding fashion. I particularly liked the one about stepping away from the rack once you fall in love with an article of clothing. I went straight to my closet and discovered that a lot of my tops look alike–same style and even the same colors. So I really need another? (This made my hubby very happy too.) The chapter about shoes is also enlightening. Cute shoes don’t have to be high heels. This is a book you can come back to again and again. It’s truly a must-read!”

Frances H. Rauscher

“Funny, insightful and packed with great information! On every page, Scarlett shows her talent for styling women so they look and feel their best. This book is easy to pick up, open to any page and just dive in. Bring this book into your closet and with you the next time you go clothes shopping – you’ll be so glad you did!”

Lisa K. Corrado

“I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read on how to look and feel great every day. I’m a protege of Scarlett’s and find her tips and explanations invaluable in this slim volume. “That’s why I should wear more ruffles!” is one small reminder of why particular textures, colors and necklines flatter some and not others. Scarlett is a genius in this arena and generously shares her fashion secrets with us mere mortals. I highly recommend Stop Stressing About Dressing to all women, particularly those of us over 50.”

Jane Pollak

“This is a wonderful, quick, witty, and informative book for any woman who is not a supermodel, but wants to look good wearing her own clothes. Filled with simple little tricks and guidelines to make any shopping trip easily manageable by honing in on only what will work instead of trying on mounds of future discards. I bought a second copy of this to give my daughter who considers clothes shopping depressing. Now we can pre-edit selections to try on and are enjoying successful, stress-free shopping trips.”

Jean Marie Jurson

“As a 25-year-old woman, I was excited to find this book relates to all ages! I have learned many tips and tricks I can use both in the office and for my personal life. Push up those sleeves!!!! Stop Stressing About Dressing is not only educational but witty and entertaining. I have already purchased multiple copies as gifts for family and friends. Great read!”

Amazon Customer

“Scarlett De Bease gives real advice to real women. Often, fashion advice is simply unrealistic for most women or worse, unhealthy for women. You won’t find any of that in this guide. Scarlett De Bease has a practical approach that can yield great results quickly. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves! Highly recommended.”

Debbie Don

“I’m passing this book onto my sister. Being a guy I was surprised at how much of the advice was actually useful to me. It’s an easy, informative, fun read.”

Daryl Edwards