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Stephen Colbert gave me styling advice!

Yes, it’s true: Stephen Colbert gave me styling advice!

Stephen Colbert gave me styling advice

Yup, that’s my husband and me as VIP guests at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

No, we didn’t plan our outfits but isn’t it weird how couples tend to match without even trying?

As a VIP guest, you have the opportunity to go on stage and ask Stephen questions off camera, and being one who never shies away from an opportunity, I quickly raised my hand and he picked me to ask away.

Here’s what I asked, and as a personal stylist I simply couldn’t resist:

“What is the first thing you take off and put on when you get home after work?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he told me the first thing he puts on before he walks through the door is a smile for his wife.

I mean come on, how wonderful is that????

And he’s right. The best accessory is a smile, and when you’re wearing clothes that make you look and feel confident and attractive, smiling is so, so much easier. It’s automatic.

Speaking of smiling, here is an unsolicited testimonial a client gave me, that made me smile and tear up. I’d be crazy not to share it with you.

“My experience with Scarlett was a wonderful internal and external journey. I not only experience joy getting dressed every day, but was reminded that it’s okay to wait for something I actually like.

Moving to Southern California from San Francisco, I noticed that if I wasn’t wearing athletic clothes,  I was often asked,  “Why are you so dressed up.”  This was even if I was wearing jeans.  Eventually, my San Francisco clothes got old, and my style became frumpy and drab.

Scarlett’s online closet, where I saw all my worn and over-washed clothes, helped me see that I have really neglected my esthetics for some time.

As a psychotherapist, it has been an illuminating internal journey.  

Being the 3rd sister growing up, I was used to oversized hand-me-downs, which were clothes I never liked but accepted. As an adult, I often settled for colors and styles that were just mediocre.

What I appreciate about Scarlett is that she was not offended if I didn’t like what she picked out and assured me she was not the designer and was fine with it.  

She did a great job learning my style and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to refresh their wardrobe. 

I now have new shoes, jeans, belts, dresses, and great workout clothes.  I loved it!  An excellent project of self-love and self-respect.  I highly recommend Scarlett to help you find your inner queen again.”

Freda Salamy

Stephen Colbert gave me styling advice
If you’re ready to stop guessing what clothes are right for you and instead learn which are perfect for you to wear, pick a time here and I’ll tell you how you’d be smiling every day too.