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Sometimes It’s Fantastic To Be A Heel

What to wear tips

Finding products to rave about and share with you can be expensive, because I want to buy them as much as I want to share them with you. Maybe more.

I read about Kara Mac and her genius shoes, in a business journal close to a year ago, and contacted her via social media only about 2 months ago.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

We finally met at Starbucks, where else, and she brought me her shoes, heels and trims.

BLISS! Shoes are the best accessory, and when they are comfortable and look good, I helplessly and joyfully fall in love.

And this time, my shopping, and shoe affair, has only begun. So far I purchased the heeled ankle boots and I plan on also buying the flats and sandals.

And then they arrived.

What to wear tips

Here is the beauty of this shoe company. You change the heels!! I bought 3 different heels, and if you include the black heels that the boots come with, I now have 4 boots in 1.

What to wear tips

What to wear tips


My heels match my clothes, personality and feet! They are true to size and very, very comfortable.

The heels are interchangeable, so if I had the pumps I could use my boot heels and add the front trims so as to create lots of styles.

When I get the flat sandals and flat patent shoe, I will be able to switch the heels between the 2 styles.

Imagine the possibilities for travel

Get the details and possibilities on I promise you’ll be amazed and impressed.

P.S. Notice the gorgeous box my boots arrived in. Kara Mac understands the importance of making a great first impression.

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What to wear tips

“I don’t know if Scarlett has ever been described as a clothes-whisperer, but now that I have worked with her online and over the phone, when I went on my first shopping trip afterwards, I heard her lilting voice in my head saying, encouragingly. . .remember to stick with the colors and necklines that are best for you. It made shopping much easier, and I am delighted with the how great I feel in what I selected. Thank you, Scarlett.”

Sandra Lundgren Director, Communications and Marketing at American Optometric Association