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Skeleton In Your Closet?

Skeleton In Your Closet

A friend of mine, let’s call her Phyllis; decided she wanted to ‘crash’ her grown son’s Halloween party. Oh, but what to be and wear?

Phyllis uses a cane on occasion for an old back injury, and chose it as her inspiration to attend her son’s soiree as an elderly Grandmother, visiting from her home in Boca Raton, Florida.

Naturally, she thought that she would need to go shopping at a thrift shop or Good Will, to find the pieces to create an outfit that would convey the stereotype of an older woman who hasn’t updated her wardrobe or style in a very, very long time.

Skeleton In Your Closet

She dug through racks of clothing and found a gold lame blouse circa 1975 Saturday Night Fever, with a giant pointy collar, and a shimmer reminiscent of a 50s Christmas tree decked with tinsel.

Skeleton In Your ClosetPerfect!

Next, she scoured boxes of costume jewelry and came up with oversized gaudy, sparkly earrings that were so wrong, yet so right for her costume creation.

On the night of the party, she donned her faaaabulous finds, drew on exaggerated eyebrows, applied lipstick as though her eyes were closed, hunched over and stood in front of her mirror, completely satisfied with her over the top ensemble. She was delightfully unrecognizable and completely dressed to invite stares and laughter and even the admiration of her son for her disguise.

Just one little twist to this story: Phyllis never did need to leave her home to find her costume. Surprisingly, she had all she needed where she lived!

Those racks she scoured were in her spare bedroom and the boxes of unworn jewelry were in her bedroom drawers.

The lesson to learn is that if you can create a costume from your own old and unworn clothing and accessories, there is clearly something spooky going on in your home. It is time to review and remove the clothes that really should be donated to Good Will and clean out the cob webs made out of your threads.

Note: This is a true story and not a scary campfire tale.

If I scared you with this spooky tale, I apologize. Having clothes that no longer fit or look good on you in your closet is very scary because you are losing out on easily finding what to wear plus knowing what you actually have in there.

Get your closet organized and stop being terrified to open it, with your copy of my Closet Organizing Guide.


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