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“Scarlett is a gem!!!  How lucky am I to have found her!  She gave me the permission that I needed to get rid of the clothes that were either worn out, out of style or not a good color for me.  The pieces that were a good match but a little too small are no longer mixed in with my everyday clothes, leaving a beautiful well-organized palette to work with.  We also added a few much needed basics by shopping on-line.  Scarlett not only put together many striking outfits with what I had, but she also taught me her technique so I can do it myself.  By the end of the day, I felt comfortable, confident and courageous, and my closet was happy too!  Scarlett gave me the boost I needed to make my self-care a priority.  Most of all, we had so much fun working together with lots of results and laughs!”

Maryann Mank