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Stylist Scarlett

My experience with Stylist Scarlett was a wonderful internal and external journey. I not only experience joy getting dressed every day but was reminded that it’s okay to wait for something I actually like.  Moving to Southern California from San Francisco, I noticed that if I wasn’t wearing athletic clothes,  I was often asked,  “Why are you so dressed up.” This was even if I was wearing jeans.  Eventually, my San Francisco clothes got old, and my style became frumpy and drab. Scarlett’s online closet, where I saw all my worn and over-washed clothes, helped me see that I have really neglected my esthetics for some time. As a psychotherapist, it has been an illuminating internal journey. Being the 3rd sister growing up, I was used to oversized hand-me-downs, which were clothes I never liked but accepted. As an adult, I often settled for colors and styles that were just mediocre. What I appreciate about Scarlett is that she was not offended if I didn’t like what she picked out and assured me she was not the designer and was fine with it.  She did a great job learning my style, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to refresh their wardrobe. I now have new shoes, jeans, belts, dresses, and really great workout clothes.  I loved it!  An excellent project of self-love and self-respect. I highly recommend Stylist Scarlett to help you find your inner queen again.

Freda Salamy