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Powerful Presence VIP Intensive

Confidently step into your closet every day knowing how to style yourself 

with clothes that make you feel great & look fantastic – 

WITHOUT overhauling your wardrobe, 

losing 20 pounds, or wearing trends that don’t work!

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Do you dread the moment every morning when you’re…

  • Standing in your robe…

  • Looking at all your many, many, many clothes… 

  • Thinking UGH. What am I supposed to wear today?

You couldn’t be more bored with every. single. piece. in. there. 

Not to mention: nothing even quite fits.

You’re seriously considering canceling everything on your calendar today so you don’t have to get dressed!

Staring into your closet, you wonder, “What’ll look good today?”

(The answer’s usually “Nothing”, even though you’ve got a lot of clothes & not a damn thing to wear!)

Psssssst – this is also why you always end up in your I’ll-Just-Wear-This-Again Uniform

Sigh. Is it time to go shopping? Noooooo! You hate shopping!

Every time you go shopping, you cringe because everything makes you feel old, and bored, never finding anything that works for you! 

Ultimately, you’re done with the Getting Dressed Dilemma & wish someone would simply tell you:

  • What to wear & how to put outfits together that look good on YOU.
  • Ways to be stylish – without looking like you’re trying too hard
  • Which clothes work for your shape, your age, your career, & your life.

Lean in close & listen in: I pinky promise that you can dress confidently & show up gorgeous for anything on your schedule today without…

  • Losing one pound.
  • Spending thousands on new clothing
  • Tossing out all the clothes in your closet!

How? When you discover your personal style, you’ll know what styles and clothes are perfect for you…

And, you’ll get the skills to create a wardrobe you love & feel confident in!

So you can ditch the drama and get dressed with confidence.

It’s time to learn which clothes are right for you – and which ones to purge from your closet or leave on the fitting room floor. 

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If this sounds like everything you want, you’re ready for the…

Powerful Presence VIP Intensive

Imagine that within the scope of ONE DAY, we’ll define & discover your personal style and end your getting-dressed stress!

Dress confidently & be ready to tackle anything on your schedule. Every day!

This is for you if you’re ab-so-lute-ly ready to:

  • Confidently walk out of your closet every day looking stylish & pulled-together
  • Stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for you
  • Feel excited (Yes! It’s possible!) when getting dressed every day
  • Know how to quickly pull together an outfit – and feel sure it’ll look great on you

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In ONE DAY, The Powerful Presence VIP Intensive gives you what you need to:

  • Feel like the best-dressed person in the room
  • Camouflage any body parts you don’t quite love
  • Accentuate the ones you do
  • Feel good & look great in your clothes – no matter what your body shape is or what size you are
  • Stop hiding in a crowd or disappearing into a room
  • How incredible, enjoyable, & freeing would it be to stop worrying about your outfit & start confidently showing up in the room?

Whether you’re standing on a stage speaking, 🎤
A Zoom call, 🖥️
Networking, 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Attending a special event 👠
Going out with friends, 🍽️
Picking up your kids, 🚘
Getting your photo taken, 📸
On a date, 💄

You’ll have a Powerful Presence – with a personal style that reflects your success – without looking like everyone else in the room!

No more 

  • worrying about your outfit every day

  • wasting time wondering what to put on

  • spending money on clothes that you don’t even wear or like

Let’s clear all these issues & uncover your Personalized Style Profile – in one day!

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So you wind up with a closet full of clothes that make you confidently happy! 

And you’ll be saying…

Damn, I look good

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What your Powerful Presence VIP Day looks like:


Step 1: Analyze Your Customized Colors

Learn how your best colors make you look radiant & younger! 

This means everything you buy will not only complement you – they also complement each other – which makes mixing & matching incredibly simple

testimonial from Christina L

Step 2: Discover Your Personalized Style Profile

Learn unique-to-you styling details. Discover your exact-right style details. 

It’s true that just an inch can make a big difference!


testimonial from Heather F

Step 3: Let the Shopping Begin!

I introduce you to new styles and accessories you’ve probably never even considered (or would’ve bought on your own).

Don’t worry – we use everything from Steps 1 & 2 to ensure we’re ONLY buying things that work for YOU. 

The BEST news? You’ll use this guide as a reference any time you go shopping…

AND you’ll have unlimited access to a customized styling and shopping tips website personalized for you.

This unique resource is absolute GOLD – and makes it SO SIMPLE to either put an outfit together from your closet or know what to buy when you go shopping!

testimonial from Adi C

LUNCHTIME! You get an hour to re-fuel or start shopping

When we get back, it’s showtime!  

Step 4: Put Your Outfits Together

This is where we review the clothes in your closet and turn them into outfits you can wear for all the things you do in your life!

  • We’ll talk Shopping Q&A
  • How to “shop your closet”
  • What to do in the stores – whether it’s your favorite boutique or an online retailer

The most fun part is reviewing the Look Book: we’ll comb through the outfits I created for you, which you can access any time you want outfit ideas and inspiration.

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testimonials from Lisa E and Ruth L

NOTE: Your VIP Day will be customized according to your personal and/or professional styling and shopping needs. 

Schedule Your VIP Day Consultation Call

Who am I to help you?

You want to figure out your personalized style- and you want it done yesterday!

You are exactly who I created the Powerful Presence VIP Intensive Day for!

Hi, I'm Scarlett

…and I’ve been a personal wardrobe stylist and image consultant for 15+ years. 

(I’ve literally stopped counting! Doing this work is like breathing to me…why bother counting the years?!)

I help women get out of their clothing ruts, come up with new combinations, and find the clothes and accessories that work for them…

Where they are right now in their life – no matter their age, weight, size, or lifestyle!

After your VIP Day, you’ll be able to go anywhere & do anything, knowing you always look your best. 

What my clients love about working together is they benefit from my many years of experience and leave with a sense of confidence knowing their true personal style…

So they can easily upgrade their wardrobe so it’s professional, attractive, and ready for anything! 

My favorite part of doing this work? Hearing clients tell me how powerful, confident, & full of authority they feel because they know they’re dressed their best!

I’d love to take you through a personalized VIP Day and get you the kind of results that makes you stop stressing about dressing!

testimonial from Carolyn B

You’ve probably got only one question left: How much does a VIP Day cost?

*$2500, including everything in your VIP Day + 30 days of support to review your outfits & purchases through your personalized styling website!

Currently I’m scheduling VIP days on a limited basis after September 1st. 

Send an email to and we’ll get on a call ASAP to discuss the details and pick a date for you to always be confident in the clothes you wear and buy.

testimonial from Barbara A

Schedule Your VIP Day Consultation Call

You have questions. I have answers:


Q: Can I get additional support after my VIP Day?

A: Absolutely. I can customize a program for continued support.


Q: Do you offer makeup lessons?

A: Yes, I do as an add-on service, after your VIP Day. But we’ll be so busy during your VIP Day we won’t have time to address this!


Q: Will you offer feedback on shopping suggestions?

A: Yes, for 30 days, you’ll have access to me via the personalized website I’ve created for you.


Q: Will you organize my closet? 

A: No, again, we’ll be so busy during your VIP Day that we won’t have time for that. But you’ll be shocked at how naturally you’ll be able to organize it because you’ll know what to get rid of based on what you learned!


Additionally, I’ll send you my closet organizing guide if you’d like more information on that!

testimonial from Kath K

NOTE: Your VIP day will be customized according to your personal and/or professional styling and shopping needs. In-Person is available in the NYC, CT, and Westchester NY areas for an additional fee.

testimonial from Melissa S

Schedule Your VIP Day Consultation Call

When you’re sick of guessing which clothes are best for you…

And you’re tired of choosing pieces that just don’t work for you…

But most of all, you’re ready to finally feel & look pulled together – no matter what you’re doing in your day! 

THAT’S why it’s time to book your VIP Day with Scarlett!

You’re ready to confidently walk into any room – in real life or online – knowing you look your best…

But mostly here’s why you should book your VIP day: 

Because you are WORTH IT. 

Schedule Your VIP Day Consultation Call & learn more about the…


Powerful Presence VIP Intensive