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Personal Shopping

Do you struggle figuring out what clothes are right for you?
Want to not have to think about what to wear?
It’s time for YOU to Stop Stressing About Dressing.

How To Look Thinner

I’ll do all of the hard work for you and pre-select pieces that you’ll look amazing in (and often times are things you would never have picked out yourself).

You tell me what events are coming up in your business and personal life and what’s on your wardrobe wishlist (like a new winter coat, shoes, or dress for an event) and I’ll get to work filling your dressing room up with clothes you’d never have picked out on your own. So fun!! I’ll find exactly what you need and give you examples of how the pieces fit into your current wardrobe. Then all you have to do is select the ones you want to buy; easy peasy.

It’s worth noting that when I shop for my clients I’m not just picking “same ole staples”, or more of what you already have, I choose unique pieces that will make you stand out in a good way and curate a wardrobe you can get excited about.

You can use this service as often as you would like, I usually recommend doing two personal shopping sessions in the first year we work together, and once a year after that to keep your style fresh and ensure you have what you need as your business grows.

Travel: My magical “Red Bag” and I will travel up to 50 miles from Westchester, NY and can travel further for an additional fee. If we are developing your unique style, I’ll come right to your house and work hands-on with you and your wardrobe. If we’re doing a personal shopping package I go to the store ahead of you start shopping before you even get there. My clients love this because instead of getting to the store already stressed out about options and finding what works for you-you’ll step into a dressing room full of beautiful options. Kind of like Dorothy stepping into the world of Oz – your shopping experience will go from black and white to full color. My only rule is that you must try on everything I pick because often times I’ll choose pieces you would never imagine yourself in, but once you’re in them you won’t want to take them off.

Please note: In-person shopping is 3 to 4 hours. 

Refund Policy: I’ll do everything in my power to provide you the best possible service, but do not offer refunds for this or any other styling product. 

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