Personal Makeovers with Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett

Personal Makeovers with Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett

Color Analysis — Discover which colors are the most flattering for you to wear, and which colors to avoid wearing and buying. Find out how easy it can be to shop, when you know what colors to look for and which to stay away from.

Body & Facial Shape Analysis — Learn which styles of clothing and accessories will enhance your appearance and image.

Style Personality Analysis — Identify your style personality and put together your wardrobe effortlessly and effectively to complement your unique style.

Closet Organization — Scarlett will evaluate your clothes, one season at a time, to assess which items flatter you, need alterations or repair, and clear out those that don’t do you justice. The result will be a well-organized closet containing the clothes you will want to wear.

Shopping in your own closet — As your personal wardrobe stylist, she will help you shop in your own closet, putting together many new outfits, with what you already own. Scarlett will help you choose which accessories to wear with your newly discovered wardrobe, and select which pieces should be purchased, if necessary, to complete your ensemble. Finally, she will take digital photos of your new outfits, and e-mail them to you, so that you will always be able to refer to the photos when you need reminders and inspiration.

Personal Shopping— Personal shopper Scarlett selects clothes and accessories for you to try on in advance of your arrival at stores that she feels will solve your wardrobe needs and desires. The goal is to send you home with the key pieces needed to assemble a variety of outfits and looks for various occasions.

Scarlett will find you clothes that you would never have picked for yourself, but will make you feel and look confident, successful and stylish. No more boring or unflattering outfits for you, because after shopping with wardrobe stylist Scarlett you will start to get the compliments you deserve and the success you have worked so hard for in your business.


Don’t you want to…..

1. Always know What To Wear?
2. Look Younger, Thinner & Taller?
3. Feel and look confident?

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Other Services Include:
Makeup Lessons Office Staff Consulting • Seminars and Groups

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own personalized experience of “What not to wear”? The Personal Makeover services include closet-intervention to part with clothes that simply don’t work, and a personal shopping excursion, to round-out your wardrobe! Scarlett will help you create a flattering new outfits in the privacy of your home, and show you how to get the look you want day after day.

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