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Oscar Styling Do’s & Dont’s

I was asked to contribute to an online newsletter for women, about my picks for the top and not so top Oscar Styling Do’s & Dont’s, and I thought you’d like to see my thoughts and explanations.

Personal Opinion Note: No matter how beautiful a woman looks, if she needs help walking to get her Oscar because of her dress or shoes, then her outfit is not a winner.

And The Top 3 Oscar Winners Are:

Helen Mirren – She seems to get the Best dressed Oscar EVERY year. Elegant, figure flattering, arm covering, and full of gorgeous oomph when she walked or turned around.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Helen Mirren wins Best Dressed…again.

I would love a dress like this, with naturally a hint of red in the underskirt, for me to wear to my daughter’s wedding.

Regina King – Oh, how I love a shirred waist, as it creates and/or accentuates a hour glass figure. The beauty of this dress is its simplicity, and it can easily be altered to show less leg and no train, for those of us who are a bit less daring.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Shirring done right.

Melisa McCarthy – She’s got the 3 P’s!! Power, Personality and great Pants. Proof that you don’t have too be a size 4 to look amazing! The waist inset is perfect for her and the cape not only adds drama, but also helps make her middle look narrower. 

NOTE: On my FaceBook page, I got a few negative reviews on Melissa’s outfit, but I disgree. Rather than wear a tent like dress, she is showing off her curves and fabulous personality and I love that.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Waistline Definer

My 3 Least Favorites Are:

Tessa Thompson – Just because this dress is designed by Chanel, doesn’t mean Cocoa would be pleased. It looks like it was trimmed with recycled Christmas tree garland and the binding accentuates her hips which makes them look bigger and out of proportion with the rest of her great shape.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Never good to widen the middle.

Sandy Powell – I almost have no words except:
Q. What’s black and white and red all over? 
A. Sandy Powell on the red carpet.

I actually love this jacket, and with narrower legged pants it could be fantastic but not for the Oscar’s Red Carpet.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Not Red Carpet Ready.

Its a tie between Linda Cardellini and Kasey Musgraves.
It’s never good to look like your wearing one of Barbie’s gowns.

Barbie’s Clothes Should Not
Inspire A Designer.


I’m a strong believer that a woman looks best when she wears a dress that flatters her instead of overpowering her.
And if a dress resembles a little girls pink bedroom, I say pass.

Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Linda Cardellini
Oscar Styling Do's & Dont's
Kasey Musgraves

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

A hairdresser compliments his client by telling her he loves her outfit.
Her reply was telling him she had to change 5 times before settling on the outfit he liked.
His repsonse was “that’s why you look good!”

I love that story, and it was told to me by one of my recent new Virtual Styling clients. Now after getting my tips, she’ll likely not try on 5 different outfits to find the one she’ll leave the house in.

Here is her testimonial.

“Scarlett, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Virtual Consultation! Your professional review & advice was very easy to follow. Your study of my wardrobe photos I sent to you including my colors, shapes & accessories helped me follow your advice. My “do’s” & my “don’ts” helped me see how to re-purpose & re-style my clothes, jewelry, scarves, shapes, colors, shoes, boots, handbags into new re-fashioned outfits right out of my own closet. Plus valuable suggestions for items I want to add to my new wardrobe.
Dianne Moralez – Santa Rosa California