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One Ringy Dingy: Stop Stressing About Dressing

Stop Stressing About Dressing

This may be an unexpected ‘call’ from me, on a Sunday of all days, but I really wanted to tell you about the changes I am making to ring in the new year.

For starters I will be creating a Stop Stressing About Dressing live event in the New York/Connecticut area for women to attend as well as a few tele-seminars. Trust me this is so much harder to do than it sounds, but I am very determined.

I also have raised my fees, but will honor the prices I quoted you in 2015, as long as you book your consultation with me, by the first of February 2016. The actual appointment can be anytime in 2016. Please send me an email if you have any questions about my fees and services.

Now here’s the really crazy thing I am doing, well offering, but only until February 1, 2016:

For new and current clients, tell me your biggest what the heck should I wear concern is, and in a 15 minute call I’ll tell what to do to end your misery and/or frustration, also known as your stressing about dressing.

Fill out the form below to set up this complimentary, AKA free, 15 minute Stop Stressing About Dressing one ringy dingy call. Remember, this is only until 2/1/16, and while the time slots are still available. Hey, there is just so much I can do!

WARNING: Please DO NOT set up this call with me if you already always know what to wear and buy, as well as NEVER get frustrated trying to put an outfit together.

“I want other women to experience Scarlett’s magic. She is AMAZING!! I can’t believe I waited this long to find someone like her. I don’t like shopping, and SHE DOES and she has the best eye. Before working with her, I was in old, tired, out of date wear. Now I look and feel terrific. Somehow she finds the PERFECT clothes at an INCREDIBLE price. I can’t wait to have her line up my fall fashions. Thanks Scarlett! Everyone’s raving about my look now!”  Linda Albright Unleash Your Biz

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“Scarlett haStop Stressing About Dressings provided me with a completely new vision for how I dress. After working with her remotely, I was armed with the knowledge I needed to let go of clothes and accessories that didn’t serve (or flatter) me any longer. I have transformed from the person who walks out of stores empty handed or worse with the wrong silhouettes and colors purchased, into someone who has a clear vision for what works and what I need to pull together outfits. Scarlett is a joy to work with and her recommendations were spot on.” Stephanie Vuolo
stop stressing about dressing“Scarlett completely transformed how I feel about getting dressed to go out of the house. Instead of dreading figuring out what to wear, I look forward to choosing what I’ll put on. Using the clothes I already owned along with those bought when shopping with Scarlett, I feel more confident and finally look “put together” thanks to her expert advice.
I feel so great walking into my closet because of all the choices available to me. It has been life-changing. I am also getting many compliments on how I look from friends and family!
Even more important, I feel better about myself–more confident– because of how I am dressing. All thanks to you!” Caryn Siegel Moss holistic health coach
“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist ScarlettStop Stressing About Dressing Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends and colleagues. She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.”  Leading Remarkable Women To Uncommon Success  Jane Pollak,CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Author.
1653505_10151971735704958_898413686_n“I yearned to look as good on the outside as I felt on the inside but lacked the know how to get there.I scrolled through Scarlett’s website saying YES; this woman knows my pain!
I DO stress about dressing. I DO waste time and money accumulating clothes which don’t flatter me.
We arranged a shopping date and when I arrived at the store dressing room, Scarlett had culled an entire wardrobe for me based on a questionnaire and some photos I had sent her. 99% of the items (slacks, tops, sweaters, boots, hats, jewelry,coats) suited me to a tee; all fit well and enhanced my coloring. My new look elicited compliments from every one of the gals. I meet with on Friday night. THANK YOU Scarlett for you expertise in navigating the very stressful, overwhelming world of style, brands and products.” Jane Coakley

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