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Now YOU Can Get My Wardrobe Stylist Tips & Tricks


I found the perfect Styling & Shopping Guide that fits in your bag, and will show you not only how to choose clothes that are right for YOU, but will also make you laugh.

Oh, and by the way.. I wrote it!! And now you can get a copy on

Now YOU can get my Wardrobe Stylist Tips & Tricks in my newly published book, Stop Stressing About Dressing.

Find out how everything from fabric to ruffles, transforms how you look to others and most importantly, how you look at yourself.

Actually the biggest ‘lesson’ my book offers, is how to stop beating yourself up and have a little fun with choosing what to wear.

You will get the tips and tricks that will make you say WOW, out loud.


book cover

Stop Stressing About Dressing by Scarlett De Bease

Order YOUR copy today here.



Just want to start by saying that “Stop Stressing About Dressing” is the perfect give for your mom, sister or best friend. I learned more from it than I have in a lifetime of trying to make decisions about how to clothe myself without any advice about size, color, design and even necklines. Scarlett DeBease is an expert in helping a woman to make use of what they already have in their closets with new clothing and accessories. I loved reading this hilarious book as she mixes humor with truth and makes learning more fun than it’s been in years. I sat in a doctor’s waiting room recently and read the book, screaming (softly) with laughter as I read a chapter called “The Bathing Suit Blues.” I will now know how to choose my next bathing suit with a lot more self assurance on how to look good at the beach in what most women believe to be an impossible effort.
Best piece of Advice? Roll up your sleeves to just below your elbows to look slimmer all over in your clothes. It works!

Great tips made simple for every women to understand and remember when they are shopping.Very funny and entertaining to boot!


I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read on how to look and feel great every day. I’m a protege of Scarlett’s and find her tips and explanations invaluable in this slim volume. “That’s why I should wear more ruffles!” is one small reminder of why particular textures, colors and necklines flatter some and not others. Scarlett is a genius in this arena and generously shares her fashion secrets with us mere mortals. I highly recommend Stop Stressing About Dressing to all women, particularly those of us over 50.