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I Need To Give You The Cold Shoulder

The Cold Shoulder

Sometimes too much of a good thing, becomes a bad thing.

It also can become boring to see the same thing, over and over again, and that is why I am warning women to not go crazy over the cold shoulder trend in tops and dresses. I mean it is everywhere, and nothing is special if it is all over the place.

Hint. Hint.

A hint that the cold shoulder trend is winding down, is when the sale racks have lots of the cold shoulder clothes on them, and right now they do.

The cold shoulder is flattering to most women, is a bit sexy without going ‘all the way’, and hides the part of the arm most women despise. Like, really, really despise.

Just buy one or two but no more of this trend, so you won’t have wasted your money on the cold shoulder style, that very soon most will give the cold shoulder to.


PS. A dear and very fashionable friend, reminded me that this look was started by Donna Karan a few decades ago. So have no fear, as the cold shoulder trend will be back again. And again, and of course, again.

cold shoulder
Hillary Clinton wearing the cold shoulder by Donna Karan

Above is Hillary Clinton back in 1993 when as The First Lady, she got lots of attention when wearing this cold shoulder dress by Donna Karan.


“Although Scarlett came extremely highly recommended and I knew what to expect when working with her, I was still so very surprised and delighted by how truly wonderful the process really was — and Scarlett is. Clearing out my closet was uplifting – I never realized how little of what was in there that I actually wore, or would even want to wear! Seeing what new outfits could be made from the remaining clothes was very enlightening. But the icing on the cake was the shopping experience! Words can’t really describe how wonderful it was. Truly an experience that every woman should have—and ideally have more than once! And I am so tickled at the compliments I’ve been getting at my new outfits and how amazing they make me look and feel! Without a doubt, I can definitely say I’ve stopped stressing about dressing!!”  Kim Barron – New Leaf Graphic Design
the cold shoulder