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Some Of My Favorite Things On Amazon

my favorite things on Amazon

Amazon has become the go-to place to shop, and these days of mostly staying at home, we can find practically anything there.

No matter how you may feel about Amazon, there are some great finds on it, and here are a few of my favorites in a very, very eclectic list.


My Favorite Things On Amazon.

Cover your shoulders in the heat and stay cool with these sheer covers that I often recommend that comes in tons of colors.

This poncho is for cooler weather and perfect for throwing on over your top to instantly look stylish & really great for when you’re going to be on Zoom for a virtual date or meeting.


This poncho is perfect for covering up in warmer weather and another great choice for Zoom dating and meetings and also comes in tons of colors.

This well-priced ring light is what I use when I don’t have enough natural light. Plus it has a remote for taking photos or videos.


If you like hard-boiled eggs, I don’t but my husband does, this is the cutest way to cook and store them. It was one of his favorite Christmas gifts.



This iPhone case is expensive looking, great quality, and comes packaged like a Hermes scarf. and makes for a great gift.

I love black string licorice and have a hard time finding it. This 2 lb bag keeps me happy…for a bit of time. 🤫


These are so much nicer than the regular reusable plastic tote bags I used to use when shopping at the market.


I LOVE this body cream. Not only is it a great body moisturizer but also smells soooo good.



I would love to know your Amazon finds and favorites, so please share yours with me, and they just might make it to my list of favorites too.