Take A Look At My Client’s Before & After

Warning: This is a real before & after. No special effects, angles or filters have been used…

just a few of my MANY tips plus buying the clothes I recomended.


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It’s always fun to see a makeover in magazines and on TV, so wouldn’t it be nice to know the details that make the after so much better than the before?
Of course, it would!
Take a look at my virtual client’s makeover before & after and how tiny tweaks made big improvements in how she looks.


Before Dont’s
  1. Neckline is a bit too high for her specific proportions.
  2. Cap sleeves make her arms look out of proportion to her body.
  3. Shape of this top is making her look a few sizes larger than she actually is.
  4. The top color is not right for her personal coloring and is making her skin and features dull.
  5. Pants are too short for her height & make her look shorter and wider than she actually is.
  6. Her true height is 5’3 but the proportions of this outfit make her look shorter.


  1. This neckline makes her neck appear more graceful.
  2. Now her shoulders are more defined.
  3. She looks easily 10 lbs thinner without having to skip a single meal as this top fits her so well.
  4. This top color makes her skin tone look healthy and peaches & cream smooth.
  5. Full length pants are best on her vs cropped. Warm weather option would be capris ending just below knees.
  6. She’s still 5’3, but looks taller while still wearing flats.

Note: Both outfits are comfortable and casual. A woman does not have to feel constricted or be over-dressed to look and feel good. 

Never, ever, does looking good mean you can’t wait to get home to rip your clothes off!! You know you’ve got a great and comfy outfit, when the first thing you do when you get home is anything but, changing your clothes.

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“I was tired of looking in my closet and seeing clothes that I had spent money on but would never wear. I hate to think about how much money I have wasted buying clothes only to donate them never worn.
In the past, I thought that if I buy more expensive, but fewer clothes, I would have more I’d like to wear. But really, regardless of spending $5 or $100 on something, it still looked lousy on me so I didn’t wear it. Cheap versus expensive was not the issue; it was not knowing what worked for me.
Hiring Scarlett, as my personal Image Curator, I love saying that, gave me the guidance to know what to wear, buy, where to find it, and she is amazing at finding deals on quality items!
I am continuing to learn as I try more things and see ‘wow, I really see what she means, this style does NOT work on me!’
The truth is, that I feel better when I am wearing my ‘Scarlett’ outfits.”
Christine Daves ThinkOrganized.com
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