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On-Line Shopping Tips

So most of my clients hate clothes shopping and many find on-line shopping even more overwhelming or won’t even bother trying.

Here’s a tip to make navigating store’s websites a lot less stressful.

Use their filters to narrow down the results. When you select the clothing type, size, colors, price and even brand,  instead of looking at hundreds of items, you will only see what is in your size, price range and need.

By filtering out what you are not looking for, like socks, T-Shirts, bathing suits towels, etc. you won’t get as frustrated and exhausted scrolling thru tons of things you don’t want.

Remember that your time is valuable!

Take a look at this screen-shot of a retailers site and see all the ways you can get specific.

On-Line Shopping Tips

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Money Saver: Notice the EBATES button on top of the stores website. Ebates is a great shopping tool that pays you for on-line shopping at hundreds of stores. A client told me about Ebates a few years ago, and to date they have paid me over $1000! Not bad. You should sign up if you already haven’t and if you have, please remember to shop via Ebates so you don’t lose out on saving money.