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On-Line Shopping Tips

So most of my clients hate clothes shopping, and many find online shopping even more overwhelming, and others  won’t even bother trying.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as it depends upon your shopping preferences, in-store shopping is not that productive for most women over 40.

Personally, I love both.

Online shopping offers thousands of options, which is why many avoid it and the best way t reduce the overwhelm, is yo use a filter.

Use these On-Line Shopping Tips to make navigating store’s websites a whole lot less stressful, and much more productive.

Use the retailors filters to narrow down the results.

When you select the clothing type, size, colors, price, and even brand,  instead of looking at hundreds of items, you will only see what is in your size, price range, and need.

By filtering out what you are not looking for, like sleeveless tops, T-shirts, certain colors, sizes, prices over $100, etc. you won’t get as frustrated and exhausted scrolling through tons of things you don’t want, need, or can afford.

See photo below:


On-Line Shopping Tips

Remember that your time and sanity are valuable!

Tired of never feeling put-together or gorgeous?

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