Like Me With Grey Hair? Welcome To Scarlett Says.

Welcome To Scarlett Says.

grey hair



Click on my grey hair photo to watch my video and hear my thoughts on…

Do you think I should wear my hair all grey?

Should a woman go grey or keep dyeing her hair?

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3 thoughts on “Like Me With Grey Hair? Welcome To Scarlett Says.

  1. Juanita Strassfield

    Hello Scarlett, Regarding the comparsion of hair colors; there is a noticeable difference between the grey and dark brown hairstyles. The first difference being the matronly hairstyle of the grey itself as compared to the somewhat youthful hairstyle of the dark brown hair. The makeup is different as well as the facial expressions in both. As for the facial expression (grey hair); well the expression is kind of sad and forlorn while in the brown hairstyle the facial expression is happy. All these details do make a difference. My point is that with a great cut, grey hair can look contemporary even if it has a little help with toner or shading…..

    1. Scarlett

      Grey hair works on women who have the skin tone and eye color to make the grey really flattering at any age.
      No matter how great the hairstyle may be, it is skin and eye coloring that makes all the difference.

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