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Know Your Personal Style

know your personal style
Exhibit A

Personal style is one of the most powerful ways we can express ourselves, but it’s not always easy to find our unique voice in a world that’s constantly telling us what to wear.

Take a look above at Exhibit A from a segment on a morning TV show. 😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳😬😳

A stylist who has a large following on Instagram was invited to inspire the viewers with the outfits he created.

I actually like the blue pants with the funky striped top on this particular woman, but does it inspire you? Help you know what to wear?

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The bottom line is we’re bombarded with images of what’s trendy or what’s expected, but true personal style is about embracing who you are, knowing how to flatter all your unique features, and wearing what makes you feel good and comfortable.

The next time you see someone on TV tell you what you should be wearing, don’t believe them. They don’t know you or even what you look like.

Remember, your personal style is not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how you feel in them.

I saw the following on a label for a dress I recently bought for myself:

❤️Fashion says me too. Style says only me. ❤️

Dress in clothes that are perfect for just you, and you’ll be loving

having your own personal style.

You need to set up some boundaries for yourself to not be influenced to buy clothes you end up not loving to wear.

And, speaking of boundaries….

know your personal style

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