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I’m Done!

Style Advice for Real Women
I’m Done!! I wrote a book filled with Style Advice for Real Women






Once upon a time, I announced at a women’s networking event that I wanted to write a fun book filled with styling tips for women. Well, I did it!! I started writing my book, about 1 year ago and it is done! Twenty four chapters filled with tips you didn’t know you should know, laughs, and no cost easy to implement steps to take, to end your what to wear woes.

The title is: Stop Stressing About Dressing and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

FYI: My clients know exactly what this title means.

As an example of my book’s content and tone, one chapter is titled:

Do You Know Where Your Breasts Are?

Come on now, if you are a woman over 50, you know exactly what I am referring to.

Book Excerpt:

Remember what Grandma used to look like when she was wearing an old bra or shudders, no bra at all?
Just because we get older and gravity is having a big laugh on behalf of a variety of our body parts, we can easily lift up our breasts to where they belong.
Did you know that when you are wearing poor fitting and old bras you most probably look older than you are or feel? Who wants that?
Go get a professional bra fitting, and expect to be amazed.

If you have not had a professional bra fitting in the last 2 years, you and your breasts, are way overdue for some much-needed attention. I recommend neighborhood lingerie stores, Soma, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and other better department stores for great service and selection. Please do not shop at a store that uses models with angel wings. We are not angels, and certainly don’t look like those perfect specimens. Okay, I don’t look like them.



So what if your scale doesn’t show the number you want.
So what if your hair is getting more grey.
So what if your body is not ‘perfect’.
None of these so what’s, define or have power over you…..unless you let them.

Style Advice for Real Women
Scarlett Provides Style Advice for Real Women




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Style Advice for Real WomenThis week’s note from a client:

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