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She Called Me A Gold Digger

I was recently called a Gold Digger, but in a very good way, cause I found hidden ‘gold’ in my client’s closet and created outfits she had no, and I mean NO idea were possible. I love doing that..a lot.

But, enough about me.

This post is ABOUT YOU.

YOU want to dress with style.
But YOU don’t.
YOU want to find clothes that fit & flatter when you shop.
But YOU can’t.
YOU think losing weight will be the answer to your not knowing what to wear.
Turns out, it isn’t.

It doesn’t have to be so hard for you to know what to wear.

This is not YOUR fashion fate.

YOU can and will pull out an outfit from your closet every day without any other thought than, hey “that was easy” when you choose to work with me personally or virtually.

Truth be told, being frustrated when you’re trying to choose something to wear is a choice, not a given because YOU can choose to end your stressing about dressing or shudders… stay frustrated and stuck.

So get out your calendar, cause you’ll have lots of places to be and things to do once you have clothes you’ll want to be seen in.

You’re going to love getting dressed up and
out from behind your computer and front door.

Email or call 914 441 0756 to learn how YOU can dress without stress.

dress with style

Tis The Season

Ask your family or friends to give you a styling and/or shopping session with me.

I am the type of Gold Digger husbands love to
bring into their wive’s lives!! 

I mean come on, would you rather have a toaster oven


outfits you’ll want to be seen in?

“Yesterday Was The Best Clothing Experience In My Long Life!!!
Your Ability To Size Up The Person And Their Wardrobe Was Incredible. With Your Ability, I Have Eliminated Items I Never Wear And You Put Together Items From Several Outfits To Make Several New Outfits. Bottom Line Is My Closet Has Less Clutter And More Outfits. You Are Very Pleasant To Work With And Your Knowledge Of Fashion Exceptional.
Thank You For All Your Help I Am Extremely Grateful.” Barbara

“I had a great time and was very impressed w/all the outfits you created. I’m so excited to see all the color you added to my existing wardrobe and love all the combinations you came up with. I can’t tell you how much you changed my outlook on clothing. I’m actually looking forward to wearing all the nice things you picked out and am no longer dreading going into my closet! You have no idea the stress I used to feel when it came to deciding what I was going to wear…Thanks so much for everything, Scarlett.” Adrienne Daniels

“Confession – I was very nervous to have wardrobe stylist Scarlett come and see my closet. I worried for absolutely nothing because she understood how it got to where it was and was there to help me make my wardrobe easy and manageable. With her great sense of style and years of experience, she told me the colors and looks I should keep and put together fun, new outfits.  And with her expertise, I had one pile of clothes and shoes to be consigned and another of things to just say goodbye to. By the time she left, I actually felt mentally lighter and less stressed knowing I could open my closet door and would find an entire wardrobe of clothes that I actually liked…and they were there all along!” Laney Sachs

“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends, and colleagues.
She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.”
Jane Pollak