How To Wear Stripes To Look Thinner

Here’s how to wear stripes to look thinner.

How to wear stripes to look thinnerHow to wear stripes to look thinner

Have you ever been told not to wear stripes because they’ll make you look bigger?

That’s not always true.

Look at me in stripes. See how tiny I look?

OK, I look especially tiny because I’m standing against this giant 200 to 300-year-old incredible sycamore tree in Simsbury CT, but there are ways to wear stripes and look smaller without having to stand in front of a giant tree.

One example is when your bottom is wider than your top half.

That’s when you should consider wearing horizontal stripes on top. It’s a great way to trick the eye and make your bottom look more in proportion to your top.

Note: Try not to buy too many stripe tops. They can be addictive and like everything else in life, too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  I’ve seen enough closets to know that’s a fact.

And then she said…..

“Now, I almost never worry about what to wear.  And if I do, I just reach out to Scarlett for advice and she gives me a stress-free solution”. L.E.

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