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How To Pack A Carry-On for A Trip- Part 3

Wardrobe Stylist Shows: How To Pack A Suitcase for A Week in a Carry-On: Part 3

So now you know I bought a Brookstone carry-on suitcase, and what clothes and accessories I brought with me on my week-long trip to London, England. Keep in mind, that you can take my packing guidelines for a trip to anywhere, either for business, personal or a little bit of both.

Here three outfits I created with just a few of the pieces that I brought with me on this trip.

 How To Pack A Carry-On for A Trip How To Pack A Carry-On for A Trip



 How To Pack A Carry-On for A Trip


1 Sleeveless blue and white top
1 blue jacket
1 pair of white jeans
1 pair of blue jeans
1 tan pencil skirt
1 pair orange/red sandals
1 pair beige snakeskin print sandals

Total: Over 6 outfits, by switching shoes, jacket, scarf, and jewelry as well the bottoms. Add my long sleeved blue top, not pictured, and you have at least 6 more combination outfits.

Change the tops, and you have at least 12 more outfits again. As long as you bottoms match each top, you will have the ability to create multiple outfits.


I also brought with me a brown/turquoise print sleeveless dress and a brown flowing jacket. Both were in a jersey fabric that did not wrinkle and would dry quickly if washed in a hotel sink.
The brown jacket also went with my skirt, white and dark wash jeans.

Here’s my method of folding clothes that will give you more room when packing.

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