How To Organize Your Jewelry

How To Organize Your Jewelry

When you know how to organize your jewelry, you’ll discover some great new ways to accessorize your outfits.

Are your necklaces often tangled up, forgotten, or unworn?

Well, if you’re like most of my clients, the answer is yes.

When it’s hard to find something, or you need time to unravel and untangle, it’s very easy to not even bother attempting to wear the jewelry you have.

That means you’re not accessorizing, which means your outfit is just ok, and ok should NEVER be good enough for you.

Each time I work with a client, I suggest that she finds a spot for the jewelry I used to create her new outfits.

These photos show how my client followed my suggestions to hang up her husband’s unused tie holder on a wall behind a few tops in her closet for her to hang the necklaces I used for all her new outfits.

How To Organize Your JewelryHow To Organize Your Jewelry

Now when she gets dressed, there is no need to go digging thru boxes or drawers. All she has to do is move a few hangers over, and voila.

Cool, right?

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