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How To Create New Outfits

How To Create New Outfits

Tips On How To Create New Outfits.

I’m baaaack on Better Than Gossip TV on Binge Networks.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to create new outfits using the clothes you already own.
  • Why not being able to close your jacket is ok.
  • Why weight is not the reason you don’t know what to wear.
  • That I’m not a fan of dummies, AKA store mannequins.
  • The words all my new clients tell me.
  • How to get inspired to say these words to yourself.
  • and sooo much more.

Watch until the end to get the 5-Day Wear What You Have Challenge details, and
you’ll be surprised by the outfits you’ll come up with.

And then she said…

“Thank you Scarlett – so much great advice – my closets are so, so much easier to navigate – You made editing easy and possible – the idea of getting dressed without hassle and wasted time and money is just thrilling – so many better things to do. I am thrilled with “Less is More.”