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How Melania Trump Uses Her Clothes To Avoid Holding Her Husband’s Hand

Look, I wouldn’t hold my husband’s hands either if I was hearing about his infidelities, but I’m not being photographed every time I step out of my house. But, Melania Trump is and that can’t be easy.

So, I noticed a little trick, besides swatting his hand away, she uses to keep her hands occupied and unavailable for a photo op.

Take a look at these recent photos of one of the many gorgeous outfits Melania has worn, and how she dressed before the recent stormy and salacious affair stories came out.

Melania TrumpMelania Trump

Melania TrumpMelania Trump











When wearing a jacket or coat over your shoulders, you need your hands to be free for keeping them from falling off your body.

Maybe this is simply Melania’s new signature look, or maybe…..


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