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Enjoy getting dressed.

As a personal wardrobe stylist, I help women over 40 create closets full of clothes they can’t wait to wear!


Find your style.


Boost your confidence.


Feel fabulous.

Stop guessing which clothes are right for your body.

Life’s too short to spend it in clothes that make you feel frumpy and insecure. Learn which fabrics and styles work for the body and lifestyle you have today.

It’s not you.

Squeezing into too-tight jeans or drowning in oversized tops chips away at your confidence, leaving you disheartened and frustrated. But it’s not your body that needs to change; it’s the clothes you choose to wear.

When you know what makes you look and feel great, you no longer:

  • Buy more of the same
  • Dread getting dressed
  • Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear

The power of a personalized wardrobe.

When you look and feel good in the clothes you wear, you walk taller, smile wider, and show up differently.

Make Informed Style Choices

When you know the colors, fits and fabrics to embrace and which to avoid, you’ll be able to confidently choose an outfit for any occasion.

Streamline and Save Time

By combining pieces of your existing wardrobe with new options, you’ll have fewer clothes in your closet but more outfits at the ready!

Keep Style Inspo in Your Pocket

Whether you’re out shopping or standing in your closet, your personalized LookBook keeps coordinated outfits and style suggestions at your fingertips.

Exude Confidence

A curated wardrobe gives you self-confidence you can’t have if you’re second-guessing outfit choices.

Scarlett DeBease, wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, speaker and author

I get it.

I understand the frustration of walking into a store only to leave empty handed because nothing looks ‘right’.

It’s discouraging to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, and while trends come and go, knowing what works for you never goes out of style.

Wardrobe Styling

It’s time to say hello to a wardrobe that truly fits.

A Virtual Closet

Upload photos for my feedback and suggested outfit combinations.

One-on-One Styling Sessions

Review outfit suggestions with me via Zoom and learn what works for you.

Personal Online Boutique

Purchase from links I’ve found or use as inspiration when shopping on your own.

Personal Styling Tips Page

My notes/tips are saved in the LookBook app for reference whenever needed.

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Women Who Rediscovered Their Style

Trust me, you are NOT alone in your wardrobe struggles.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before coming to me, most of my clients have never worked with a wardrobe stylist. My goal is to make your experience life changing and enjoyable. Wondering about something that’s not addressed below? Reach out!

    Should I postpone working with you until I lose weight?

    Absolutely not! One of the most common mistakes women make before working with me (and/or deciding that the time has finally arrived to make a change in their appearance/image) is thinking they need to lose weight before improving their wardrobe and appearance.

    Not only is this unnecessary because with the right clothes you can look fabulous at any weight, very often years go by without any significant weight loss and, from personal experience, the weight usually goes up the older you get.

    The size of a woman’s clothes has nothing to do with looking and feeling put together, professional and attractive. She can be a size 2 or 20, but as long as her clothes are the right color, style, and fit, the size on the label won’t make any difference in her appearance, or how she sees herself. Being thin does not guarantee a woman to be well dressed or confident in her wardrobe choices.

    It is possible to look and feel your best without losing a pound. I like to say that after working with me you’ll look amazing – without giving up dessert.

    Do I need to buy expensive clothes to look good?

    I don’t so why should you? As a matter of fact, I always hit the sale racks first because I love saving money whenever and wherever possible.

    Another perk of working with me is that I’ll provide you with very specific and personalized tips for styling clothes that can cost $10 or $100 or, more typically, someplace between the two. No matter what a garment costs, if it isn’t the right color or style for you, it is simply a waste of money.

    Here’s an insider tip as an example: For less than $40 you can make a dramatic change in how your clothes look on you just by getting a new bra that has been professionally fitted.

    How? For starters, your waistline will be more defined, as the correct bra will keep the breasts up where they belong and you will find your clothes will fit so much better. When your bust line is back where it was meant to be, you will instantly feel and look younger, thinner, and taller. Imagine how great the right clothes would now look with your new uplifted shape!

    And that’s just the beginning.

    Will I need to purge my closet?

    That’s an easy one to answer…NO. My goal is for you to only have in your closet the clothes that you look and feel great in.

    Most of the time I find that women have a few great pieces in their wardrobe, along with a few duds, and then a bunch of clothes that still have tags on them. We’ll start by going through your wardrobe and determining which pieces look great on you, and which aren’t so flattering.

    Then I’ll help you put together multiple outfits from your existing pieces. My guess is that you probably have a few favorites that you wear the same way every time. I’ll open your eyes to whole new ways to wear those favorites and, even if you only have a few pieces, you’ll have many options.

    All the clothes that don’t work for you anymore can be stored in another room if you don’t want to part with them, consign or donate. Note: Most of my clients end up eagerly getting rid of the clothes that they now see don’t fit or flatter them.

    If you add on a personal shopping session, then I’ll also help you pick additional pieces to complement the clothes you’re keeping.

    I just wrote an easy-to-follow closet organizing guide that will show you how to organize your clothes so it will be much easier to know and find what to wear. You also will get a video tour of my closet, showing you how to use my organizing tips. Women love seeing the inside of my closet, as they expect it to be out of a magazine, and are pleasantly surprised to see it is not so different from their own.

    Are you going to purchase clothes for me?

    Your credit card never touches my hands or eyes, so only you will be buying the clothes that we both agree are perfect for you. We work together as a team. As your personal shopper, I select the clothes so that when you arrive in the filled dressing room, all you have to do is try them on.

    If we are working together virtually, I’ll send you a slew of links for pieces I think will work for you. You can place orders for what you want, and return anything that doesn’t tickle your fancy.

    Fair warning: When I show my clients what they should be wearing, it is almost always not something they would have picked out on their own. But 99% of the time, it is what they buy, as they love it and are thrilled to get out of their fashion rut.

    So, as a rule, if we’re shopping in person, you’ll be required to try everything on that I pick (but you don’t have to buy them) and if we’re shopping virtually, I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and buying things to try on that you normally wouldn’t (or better yet – try finding the virtual items in stores near you to try on).

    What if I don’t like what you pick out?

    This gets back to our being a team. As long as you are open to trying on new labels and styles, the only, and I mean ONLY, reaction that counts is your own.

    I don’t design the clothes, so all that matters is how you look and feel in what I select for you. I tell my clients that their first reaction is the one that counts.

    I must say that my proudest moment always is when I hear the words after they love how they look, “I never would have picked this out myself!” That’s when I know I’ve done my job well.

    What should I have before hiring a personal wardrobe stylist?

    Breakfast or lunch, and a full-length mirror. It’s that simple.

    How do I know you won’t make me look like someone I’m not?

    I promise that won’t happen with me. Not everyone should be “pigeonholed” into a specific style or type. I excel in asking the right questions to uncover a style that works for your personality, career, and lifestyle.

    What you’ll come away with is a style that is uniquely and authentically YOU.

    Not only will you have learned what works for you and why, but you’ll also hear my voice in your head (I promise you in a good way) telling you what works for your body, lifestyle, career and budget whenever you choose what to wear and buy.

    I’m a business owner. Would personal styling benefit me?

    Simply put: You are your brand. You are your business. You are the person people are hiring. Your image matters!

    It’s also true that many entrepreneurs work in their PJs or leggings, sitting behind their computers, and when it comes to actually stepping a toe out of their house to go to an event, lots of scrambling and stressing goes on to find real clothes that still fit and look good.

    You shouldn’t dress to disappear or look boring. Your wardrobe and how you feel in your clothes send the message that you are talented, professional, creative, and interesting.

    Plus, if you are looking to earn money, and step up your brand and business, your personal image is as important as your new website or business card. Just saying.

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